July 13

Pet Therapy


Pet Therapy ponyPet Therapy is a growing need in our community.  How many of us grew up with a pet of some kind or collected pets as adults for our own company or for our children’s?  Do you have special memories of favourite pets?  Moments you shared together?  I know I do.  I have many times where I could swear my horse or my cat knew that I was sad and emotional and just knowing that they somehow understood made such a difference to my mental health.

As people move on in age and move into nursing homes, in most cases they can’t take their beloved pets with them.  So much in their life changes at that point, even the simple thing like taking care of a pet, getting your mind of your self and your own woes to look after someone/thing else – can’t be done anymore.  It’s hard and very sad as an animal lover to think that one day I may not be able – not allowed to have my cat sleeping on my bed anymore.


The Joy Pet Therapy BringsPet Therapy Pony

Having pets visit nursing homes brings incredible joy to many many residents, perhaps more than we often realise.  A dog, a cat, bird or other smaller animals bring those bright smiles and so does a cute miniature pony.

It was years ago when I got my first miniature pony.   Jeremiah and I met when he was just 5 months old, a beautiful chocolate brown colt with a white star. I began training him not long after he was weened and on his 1st birthday he got his first gig at a primary school fete roaming around with me (Mrs Balloonatic) meeting and greeting people.  He was amazingly calm for his age and was a real hit.


Pwet Therapy PoniesPet Therapy Pony Jeremiah

Jeremiah is 20 years old as I write this article (we’re planning his 21st birthday bash for 2020).  He has had enormous experience with kids and parties always so calm and so giving in his nature (as is common with miniature ponies).

But I would have to say that he and his younger ‘co-workers’ do such an outstanding job when they visit with the elderly at nursing homes. Our miniature therapy ponies bring so much joy and I feel so blessed and privileged to bring my little pets out for others to enjoy.  From the specialist dementia wings to aging resident, our therapy ponies can visit all with amazing results – conversation with the pony and one another, singing to the pony, walking with the pony even leading the pony and of course the bright happy smiles and at times tears of joy.


Contact us today

Please invite Jeremiah and his pet therapy – therapy pony ‘team’ to visit your residents today.  For more information visit our Angels With Hooves page or call us on (03) 8669 1303 .   Melbourne visits only.


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  1. Hi There,

    I am Lifestyle Manager at an aged care home called Trinity Manor, one based in Balwyn with another in Greensborough. I had enquired previously and had hoped visits in 2020 but lets say we know how that turned out.

    2021 brings alot of hope and promise.

    With news via Dpt of Health we can once again organise special visits etc, I wish to know your charges please. In this way I can make a submission to management to hopefully organise visits with your wonderful ponies.

    Kind Regards.

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