Adopt A Pony

Balloonaversal’s Adopt-A-Pony Program

If you’ve ever considered buying a pony for the kids, but balked at the time it takes to look after a large animal … or the ongoing expense of it then the Balloonaversal Adopt-A-Pony program might be an awesome opportunity for you and your kids.

We have 13 beautiful and quiet kids party ponies who love and attention. Not all of them go out and gig every weekend let alone during the week, so what better way for mums and dads to strengthen family bonds than to spend quality time together, outside with ponies learning a new skill? It’s the perfect opportunity to experience horse or pony ownership without a large financial outlay.

The best thing about this program is:

  1. 1
    You don’t have to find a place to keep the pony (agistment) they will stay with us in Doreen.
  2. 2
    You don’t have to purchase any of the necessary equipment (tack) needed to own a pony.
  3. 3
    You don’t even have the responsibility of veterinary care or day to day maintenance – feeding, rugging etc.

How it Works

Shared Plan with two levels

Level 1 – Small ponies and Shetland ponies, kids ages up to 9, hand led trail rides by mum or dad

Fee: $140 per month ($32 per week)

Level 2 - Larger ponies where your child is experienced and already riding independently with confidence

Fee: $175 per month ($40 per week)

Agistment: We supply the paddock where the pony lives

Access: 3 days per week including either a Saturday or a Sunday not both, no reasonable time limit.

Potentially you can ride 3 times a week or have 12 rides a month and works out to be only $10.75/$13.45 per ride. A pony ride at a fair is at least $5 for under 4 min.

Tack supplied: Saddle, saddle pad, halter and lead rope, riding helmet, grooming brushes.

Pony Health Care: We take care of all this – feed, hay, hoof trimming, worming, rugs. Any veterinary care if required.

You buy the first 2 months up front, then it's simply month by month after that.

Ponies for Parties

What you also get?

We have beautiful trails that you can lead the kids out on or ride in the arena.

Access to the professional equestrian facilities – horse wash, indoor/outdoor tie up areas, dressage arena

Equestrian Riding Lessons – From $50

Other Information

As we run a kids party and entertainment business, we do take bookings on weekends, so there will be times when your pony will be at work for either a half day or a full day. So your pony may be required to work his or her rostered day on the weekends, therefore will not be available for you to ride. The kids party side of our business must come first.  But we will be able to make up the days

The monthly fee is less than comparable to the cost of agistment. You will have no other fees except riding lessons (subject to availability) if you choose.

The cost of kid’s riding lessons from a riding school is anywhere from $50 – $75 per lesson. A trail ride for an hour or so is probably the same if not more. If you only rode 3 days per week (12 per month), that works out to be $10.75/$13.45 a ride …. pretty darn good don’t you think?

Ponies Available

Pony riding


Height:  13 hands

Colour:  Buckskin

Breed:  Welsh Pony Section B x Australian Pony

Mare (female)

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 10+ with riding experience

Booked up

Melbourne Pony Parties


Height:  12 hands

Colour:  Bay

Breed:  Welsh Mountain Pony

Sex:  Gelding (desexed male)

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 7 – 11 with some riding experience

Booked up

Adopt A Pony Dakota


Height:  13 hands

Colour:  Chestnut

Breed:  Pony

Sex:  Mare (female)

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 10 +

Booked Up

Unicorn hire


Height:  11.1 hands

Colour:  White

Breed:  Welsh Mountain Pony

Sex:  Mare (female)

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 6 – 11

Booked Up

Pony Ride Pony


Height:  12h hands

Colour:  Palomino

Breed:  Welsh Pony Section B

Sex:  Mare (female)

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 10 - 12

Booked Up

Pony Ride Pony


Height:  9.2 hands

Colour:  Pale Palomino

Breed:  Shetland Pony x Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 3 – 6

Booked Up

My Little Pony Party


Height:  9.3 hands

Colour:  Bay

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 4 – 8

Pony Rides


Height:  10.2 hands

Colour:  Silver Taffy

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 5 – 9

Booked Up

Pony Hire Melbourne


Height:  10.2 hands

Colour:  Chestnut

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 5 – 9

Booked Up

Ponies for parties


Height:  10.2 hands

Colour:  Black

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable Rider Age: Kids 5 – 9

Pony Party


Height:  9 hands

Colour:  Golden Palomino

Breed:  Miniature Horse

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 3 – 5

Booked Up

Unicorn Parties


Height:  9.2 hands

Colour:  Blue roan 

Breed:  Miniature Pony 

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 3 – 7

Kids Pony Rides


Height:  9 hands

Colour:  Chestnut 

Breed:  Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 3 – 5

Booked Up

What You Don’t Have To Do

  • You don’t have to feed and wait around till your pony finishes its feed each night like other responsible horse owners – I’ll do that.
  • You don’t have to take rugs off in the mornings and put them back on at night – my job.
  • You don’t have to take time out of your day to be at the agistment when your pony needs his feet trimmed or if he needs a vet in attendance – That’s my responsibility.
  • You won’t be required to clean out pony poo from paddocks – we have that side of pony ownership covered

What You Do have To Do

  • You’ll have to catch your pony when you want to see him or her.
  • Groom
  • Saddle up
  • Go for a ride – lead your child on the pony and stay with your child during the time you’re here.
  • Unsaddle, put your tack away, groom your pony again.
  • Mix up a small ‘thank you’ feed
  • Take your pony back to the paddock
  • Put any other equipment that you used (bucket, grooming) away.
  • Clean up any droppings from the tie up area.

If you’re a complete newbie to horses or ponies, no problem, I will teach you what you need to do at the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any horse experience?

No. We will show you what to do.

Will you be there to supervise each time?

No. Once we have shown you what you need to know, you will be expected to do this yourself, but we will certainly be available for questions and assistance if necessary.

Do the ponies bite or kick?

Usually not, I only use ponies with very good temperaments suitable for kids parties.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to do the program?

You most definitely can choose not to continue with the program after the first 2 months, however your first 2 month’s fee that you paid up front is non refundable.

What if me or my kids fall in love with the pony, can we buy it?

Nope sorry, we will not be selling our ponies, but we will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable pony for you to purchase if this is what you’d like to do. We do offer agistment for horses and ponies, you may wish to keep yours here providing we have availability.

Do we get to choose the pony we ‘Adopt’?

You can voice your preferences and you may certainly end up with that pony, but I will ultimately be matching ponies to the right people.

If I already own some of my own tack, can I use this instead of your equipment?

Yes, if it fits and is safe to use.

Is there a contract or an agreement to sign?


Do I pay a deposit?

You will be required to pay the first 2 months up front which will be non-refundable. Two months will be just enough time to try this horsey thing out to determine if you’d like to continue or not.

Are You Excited To Begin? Here’s What To Do Next

Fill in the application/expression of interest below. Then we will organise a private meet up so you can meet your pony in person and get started 🙂