The Pony Team

Pony Party Team Members

Meet our Pony Team members, they are every bit as important as the human team members. We have 11 ponies in total (at the moment), this way we roster the ponies around so that everyone has limited amounts of continuous work as we like having happy, contented well mannered ponies attend parties and events – and believe me I do know pony ride businesses currently in operation that don’t do this -‘don’t pat the ponies’!

We also are careful to supply the right sized ponies for events and so have a selection of ponies of varying heights. This is important to the health and safety of both the ponies and the children. We rarely use the tiny mini ponies/horses for pony rides except for the smallest of children – the way it should be.

Enjoy reading about each pony below, visit the Pony Fan Club and vote on who's your favourite. 

The Welsh Mountain Ponies



 13hh  |  Buckskin  |  Mare  |  2007  |  Welsh Section B x Aust Pony

Our beautiful buckskin girl is always so friendly and looks forward to seeing her human friends.  As far as Charm is concerned, EVERYONE is her friend. Call her name and she’ll come eagerly trotting over to see you have a treat. Charm is a favourite at large pony ride events, even with the small children, but she’s perfect for kids age 10 and over.


Melbourne Pony Parties

12hh  |  Bay  |  Gelding  |  2007  |  Welsh Mountain Pony    

Such a generous quiet pony and easy to ride with a beautiful smooth trot and a rocking horse canter.  He wasn’t always this way.  As an unbroken, unhandled 3 year old, he was very nervy and hard to catch.  He has certainly mellowed over the years, but can still be a pain to catch at times – cheeky pony.


Unicorn hire

11.1hh  |  White  |  Mare  |  2002  |  Welsh Mountain Pony

The beautiful white pony whom everyone wants at their unicorn party. She’s such a funny girl at home, she gives the impression that she’s cranky as, but she’s actually very sweet and loving.  A super easy going lady at parties and events.  No wonder the kids love her.


Pony Ride Pony

12hh  |  Palomino  |  Mare  |  2017  |  Welsh Pony Section B

Our newest gorgeous girl.  A little petite ‘Barbie’ show pony with champion a ribbon in a halter class, she was so easy to break in, so calm and wonderfully accepting.  She is already a winner with the kids.

The Shetland Ponies


Medieval Knights Horse

10.2hh  |  Black  |  Mare  |  1995  |  Shetland Pony

Nikki is my first Shetland pony ever and I love her to bits.  She has been with me since she was 7 years old and she still has as much energy in her step as the day I got her.  Brilliantly quiet and gentle, but very forward moving, I think she missed her calling as a harness pony.


Pony Party

10.2hh  |  Chestnut  |  Mare  |  2008  |  Shetland Pony

Aren’t red heads suppose to be firey!  Not Annabelle, she’s our cool, calm and collected party lady. Ever patient, always gentle and stunning with her rich red summer coat and almost flaxen mane.  The kids love giving cuddles to this one.


Blossom the Unicorn Pony

10hh  |  Dark Bay  |  Mare  |  2008  |  Shetland Pony

Oh those eyes!  You can tell who Blossom is by gazing into those big brown gentle eyes – a kind hearted, loving pony who genuinely LOVES kids.  She’s short and built like a tank.  I call her my ‘Thelwell Pony’. Google it – you’ll love it.


10.2hh  |  Silver Taffy  |  Mare  |  2014  |  Shetland Pony

With blond eyelashes and dapples in her summer coat, Megs’s looks are show stopping and makes she a stunning unicorn – you do know that unicorns come in darker shades of white right?  You can call her the coffee shade of white.


Pony Ride Pony

9.3hh  |  Pale Palomino  |  Gelding  |  2004  |  Shetland Pony x Mini

How soft and sweet is this little guy?  Pally is truly adorable in looks and temperament.  Calm, steady, so willing to please, he is the perfect pony for beginners (no he’s not for sale) … and he makes a wonderful unicorn too.

The Miniature Ponies and Horses


Jeremiah performing pony

8.1hh  |  Chocolate Brown  |  Gelding  |  1999  |  Miniature Horse

What can I say about my first ‘child’.  I laid eyes on Jeremiah when he was just 5 months old, got the baby photos and all.  He IS my business partner, we truly developed the Pony Pantomime Show script together, it has Jeremiah’s preferences and stamp all over it.  Jeremiah has had the most wonderful nature his whole entire life.


Pony Party Melbourne

8.2hh  |  Skewbald  |  Gelding  |  2012  |  Miniature Horse

Was truly a gift.  Abandoned at an agistment property in Emerald, I got a phone call asking if I’d be interested in re-housing him, we came out to see him and fell in love.  And OMGosh, he just fit himself right into the pony party scene as if he’d done it all is life. Gideon is a keeper for sure.


Pony Rides

7.3hh  |  Chestnut  |  Gelding  |  2001  |  Miniature Pony

Is our smallest mini pony and a right trouper.  He has been with us for almost as long as Jeremiah and Nikki,  Being so small, he stands out and is popular with the little kids.  I have a favourite photo of him and Asher as a tot at a gig, Asher is standing up on his tipee toes trying to put a beaded necklace on his back.  Now Asher towers over Milo.  Where did those years go?


Pony Party

8.2hh  |  Palomino  |  Gelding  |  2010  |  Miniature Horse

Napoleon is the splitting image of his mother Tabitha, one of our first trick trained ponies and it seems he has inherited his mum’s natural talent for performance. Friendly, but bold in nature, this little guy know what he wants in life - FOOD! He just can't resist walking past a bucket without sticking his nose in to see there there's something delicious - quite often he's rewarded.  Little scamp.


Pony Rides

8hh  |  Chestnut  |  Gelding  |  2005  |  Miniature Horse

He’s the man!  Exceptional and very posh bloodlines, I kept Ollie as a stallion till he was 7, breeding just 2 foals from him, Napoleon being one of his foals.  He has such an amazing mane and tail, so thick and luxurious, it's almost down to his knees - boy do the kids love brushing and braiding it (me too!)


Unicorn Parties

8.3hh  |  Blue Roan  |  Gelding  |  2006  |  Miniature Pony

He’s my quiet achiever.  He doesn’t push himself out there (like Napoleon lol), but he is so good at what he does – he’s gentle, the takes kids out for rides in a calm, gentleman like manner.  His coat changes from season to season.  I love the white frosting version – I call him my ‘winter unicorn’ – so beautiful.  Blue roan is a not a common colour.


Pony Party

7.2hh  |  Pale Palomino Skewbald  |  Colt  |  2019  |  Miniature Pony

Was kind of a rescue pony, we weren’t really looking for another mini, but as a favour for a friend, picked him up and haven’t looked back.  He’s super cute … still a colt at the time of writing (sorry boy, the snip is coming) and I plan on training him up as a trick pony.