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Moomba Birdman Charity Fundraiser

Moomba Birdman Rally Charity Fundraiser. Michelle Patterson "Wings of Destiny" entrant.

Peter and I started supporting the charity organization Destiny Rescue in 2001 by sponsoring 2 children in Mozambique. Those children have since grown and moved on and we now sponsor two children from Thailand.

Its always wonderful news when we receive letters and updates about the children and how much their lives have improved. Better health, a loving caring environment, education, vocational training. Destiny Rescue gives these children a hope in life, even bringing back joy.

This is one of the main things as entertainers we always aim to do bring fun & bring joy to family celebrations. And so being able to extend this in a broader senses not just for local families but for children internationally who could really do with some help, Destiny Rescue was a logical next step for us. As business people we feel strongly about making a contribution to our world. For us, I guess, its a part of being grateful for all that we have in our western culture here in Australia. We encourage and challenge, even urge you as you read about the work that Destiny Rescue does, to also be a voice to the voiceless and donate in some way shape or form.

See below on how you can get involved.


Destiny Rescue is an Australian based foundation that reaches out to the children most in need across the world.

  • Our mission is to
  • Empower the poor
  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Rescue the sexually exploited
  • Restore the abused
  • Be a voice

Destiny Rescue is a volunteer based organisation that works to connect and release those who have skills, passion, finance and motivation to assist those who do not. This adds to the diversity of the projects that Destiny Rescue can implement and enables us to comply with our commitment that 100% of child sponsorship money goes overseas to the project.

Destiny Rescue believes in empowering local people to find local lasting solutions that can be replicated through-out the community.

Increasingly Destiny Rescue is becoming involved in rescuing children who have been sold into sexual slavery. We have teams of people who put themselves at risk to trace, find and rescue these children and assist in prosecuting the people who abused them.

Once the girls are rescued they are given a new and safe life in one of our rescue homes where they have the chance to heal, restart education and vocational training and live life again. They are given the resources and freedom to rediscover the joy of living and a hope for future. One of our great joys is seeing children reintegrated back into normal, happy, productive life.

Support Destiny Rescue:

Balloonaversal Donate 2.5% of Every Party & Entertainment Booking We Receive

We are now proud to say that 2.5% of our profit goes Destiny Rescue as part of our ongoing commitment to stand with Tony Kirwan to end child sex slavery. Every time we take a booking for a kids party or community or business event, a percentage of that profit goes to charity – Destiny Rescue.

Click on the link for more information on Destiny Rescue or phone 1300 738 761