Book: The Kids Party Survival Guide For Busy Parents

Organise An Amazing Birthday Party For Your Child - Easily with NO Fuss

Kids Party Book

In an age where so many families are struggling for meaningful time with each other, there has never been a better time than now to come together to play and celebrate those special days in each of our lives - our birthdays ... our children's birthdays!  

Peter and I firmly believe that when families come together in unity & celebration, that magic happens.  Kids parties are always that perfect opportunity to put aside the office politics or life's demands ... even just for a day, and focus on what is most important to us - our families, good friends and spending meaningful time together.

In our book, The Kids Party Guide For Busy Parents, you learn how to simply and easily create a fabulous party experience that your child and guests will absolutely LOVE, without all the stress and worry of putting on 'a good show'.  Get your copy of the book today!

Author: Michelle Patterson

Here's Just Some Of The Things You'll Learn

  • Create an amazing party experience tailored for your child's personality.
  • Take all the stress and anxiety out of organising and running a fun and successful kids party.
  • Utilise a winning method to get a party quickly, efficiently and smoothly planned, hosted ... and greatly loved.
  • Learn the top 5 tips from a kids party professional on what makes a fantastic, memorable celebration.
  • The number one must have to create a great party ambience or vibe - obvious, but often overlooked.
  • How much party food do you really need to prepare and what's best?
  • DIY all the games and activities (because it's not fun without) or book an entertainer?
  • Some simple and fun tips teachers and entertainers use to 'control' a group of rowdy kids.
  • What to look for in a kids party venue.
  • Invite the whole Prep class or just some?  Fors and againsts from a kids party expert.
  • ... and much more
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Kids Party Book

About The Author - Michelle Patterson (Mrs Balloonatic)

Mr and Mrs Balloonatic

Michelle (Mrs Balloonatic) and her husband Peter (aka Mr Balloonatic) are the driving force behind one of Melbourne’s much loved kids party and entertainment business, Balloonaversal Entertainments.  Having entertained kids with balloon twisting, face painting and pony rides since 1999, Michelle has had the privilege of being responsible for over 10,000 kids parties and events, if anyone knows what makes an kid’s party AMAZING, it will be Michelle.

Michelle and Peter firmly believe in family, it’s their philosophy that children’s parties present a perfect opportunity for families to come together in unity and celebration.

In a time when so many of us parents are struggling for meaningful time with our kids and loved ones, Michelle believes that there has never been a more important time than now to ensure we create those strong family ties ... and those treasured family memories.

And again, children's birthday parties are the perfect opportunity to do this - ‘we simply love this aspect of our business’, says Michelle.

Apart from the Balloonaversal Entertainments business, Peter and Michelle managed a business pivot during Covid offering a part time lease arrangement of their very child friendly party ponies. For families wanting to explore the notion of pony ownership but not ready to fork out huge bucks and a 7 day a week commitment, it’s an excellent opportunity to test the kid’s ‘horse mad’ temperature.  So popular was it that extra ponies were bought and a brand new business was born – Adopt A Pony.

Their entrepreneurial spirit continues to branch out as they consult to new business start ups in the party and entertainment industry – Party Business Mastery.

When Michelle is not having a ball entertaining at parties and events as Mrs Balloonatic, or consulting to other budding entrepreneurs, or training ponies and young riders, she can be found spending time with her family on their 40 acre farm in the North of Melbourne.

Michelle & Jeremiah