April 27

Angels With Hooves



Therapy Ponies


Therapy Miniature Pony
Therapy Pony ‘Jeremiah’ hard at work

Doctors give the thumbs up for animal assisted therapy to be used in nursing homes.

The proven treatment known as Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities bring so many benefits to people with diminished communication skills or who are wheelchair or bed bound.

With regular interaction, our gentle natured ponies have an uncanny ability to lift spirits and encourage communication even from residents who rarely engage. Even just eye contact with the pony and some gentle stroking is all that it takes to bring a smile … and yes, even a tear to people trapped in ailing bodies and minds.

It’s seems such a small thing to do – invite a pony to visit, but to bring extra joy to possibly the last remaining years of our loved one’s lives is priceless.

If you have a grand parent or other relatives living in a nursing home and would love a special ‘Angel with Hooves’ visitor, please contact us today, we would love to arrange this with your facility. 8669 1303.


Lifestyle Cordinators, please contact us on 8669 1303 for a quote   We currently have a special offer for multiple bookings.  Request the Angels With Hooves brochure.


See what industry leader Aged Care Guide has to say about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy


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