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Beautiful Unicorn Colours


The 6 Rare and Beautiful White Unicorn Colours

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Coffee Fudge Colour Unicorn

These White Unicorn Colours are so popular and so beautiful.

Nearly every pony party over the last several years has been a unicorn themed party. I feel very grateful to have many BEAUTIFUL ponies available to make these little girl’s fairytail dreams come true – to see, pat and ride a unicorn, sharing this experience with their friends and family on a birthday celebration is so memorable for everyone.

After 20+ years of entertaining at kids parties and most of those being pony parties, I can certainly vouch for these as being lasting, life long, happy memories as there have been so many times that people have come up to me telling of their memories years ago of

Mrs Balloonatic and her ponies attending their party or their older child’s party.  I’ve even been shown printed family photo albums, “see, that’s you Mrs Balloonatic, you came to our party, we still remember this party”. What a blessing to know how much joy this job brings to others.

Unicorns pony parties are soooo popular with little girls … and let’s admit it, they are as equally popular with us mums too, who doesn’t love unicorns after all?

White Unicorn Colour

To have stunning white unicorn, with all the trims – flower garland around the unicorn’s proudly curved neck, a flower halo around it’s ears and horn, a beautiful saddle and saddle blanket fit for a majestic unicorn from a royal stable … your pretty little fairy princess aboard the unicorn’s graceful back, all picture perfect.

White Unicorn for kids parties

White Chocolate Colour Unicorn

So naturally here at Balloonaversal we do get lots of requests for a white unicorn to attend parties, which we are happy to say we can do for the Gold and Premium packages, but I do feel sad for our other remarkable unicorns. 

Differing Shades of White Unicorns

Did you know this little known fact that unicorns come in other shades of white? And that these colours are quite rare among unicorns, but are just as stunning … if not more so.  Well, I discovered that this is true and how special it is.

Coconut Cream Unicorn

Coconut Cream Colour Unicorn

A Royal Stable of Rare Unicorn Colours

It’s even more special to know that being in the kid’s party and entertainment industry as long as I have, you do get to meet lots of amazing and unique people. For example, a few years ago, I was attending a fairy convention and was privileged to meet the queen of the Forest Fairies and, of course, as many people know fairies are very fond of unicorns and many beautiful unicorns live in Faiyland.  Well, the Queen of the Forest Fairies is no exception and she has a stable full of some of the rarest unicorns that ever lived and this is how I found out about the 6 shades of white unicorns.

Blossom the Unicorn Pony

English Toffee Unicorn

Amazingly, Her Royal Majesty, Queen of the Forest Fairies has each of these shades of white unicorns in her royal stable, and what’s even more amazing is how kind and generous the Queen is.  In one of our conversations a year or two after I met the Queen (as she got to know my business of bringing joy to children with pony rides and pony visits

for birthday celebrations), she very generously made the offer that if there are children that would like to have a unicorn attend their party, then she would LOVE to help bring joy and happiness too by making available to me, her rare and beautiful unicorns.  You can imagine, I was absolutely speechless and so humbled by her incredible offer.  In the past I just dressed up ponies to look like unicorns, but now I am able to bring REAL LIVE unicorns to children’s birthday parties.

If you scroll down a little further, you’ll see a very informative infographic on The 6 Shades of White Colours of Unicorns.  A very interesting study.

So thus began my remarkable business arrangement with Her Royal Majesty, Queen of the Forest Fairies.

Unicorn Health Alert

But it wasn’t long before we ran into some health problems for the unicorns.  You see the weather in Fairyland is pleasant and warm all year round, not like here in Melbourne where we need to wear sunscreen and cover our skin in summer, or put on a coat to keep warm in winter.

We soon discovered that the unicorns were suffering in Melbourne’s summer and also in winter.  The first indication that something was wrong was that their horns began drooping and even fading away!!!  With some help from the Fairy Unicorn Vet, we learned that the unicorn’s horns simply needed protection from the elements – strong sun or cold winds.  I knew just what to do.  I would get out my sewing machine and with a selection of beautiful coloured fabrics, I created custom unicorn covers to slip over their horns.  I even decorated them with ribbons and flowers and beads to match the beautiful flower garlands that the unicorns wear.

A real live unicornBeautiful Black Unicorn

Black Ice Licorice Colour Unicorn

And even more precious is the fact that the Queen of the Forest Fairies has personally sent a very special and extremely rare unicorn to the party!! How amazing is that?

So that was something new I learned about unicorns and when children tell me that these aren’t real unicorns because the horns don’t look real, well, its no wonder they say this.  They certainly don’t look real if they have a gold, silver or even pink fabric custom made unicorn cover, with ribbons and silk flowers stuck to them do they?

But I must say, the children are so thrilled when they learn what I have to tell them about unicorn horns and that the unicorn in their midst is in fact a REAL unicorn.

White Unicorn Colour Requests

So as much as we like to accept special requests for white unicorns, we will do our best to provide you with one, but please realise you will definitely feel very privileged to have any one of our other shade of white majestic unicorns bring joy and happiness to your child’s birthday party, offering life long cherished memories.

On behalf of our pony and unicorn team (two legged and four legged). we can’t wait to meet you all for a fun filled day.

If you would  like to know more about how to invite a unicorn to your child’s birthday party please visit our Unicorn Party page

Unicorn parties MelbourneGolden Unicorn

Violet Crumble Colour Unicorn

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