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Pony Parties & Pony Rides in Melbourne

Balloonaversal’s pony party packages are always in popular demand and is it any wonder?

Your kids will experience more than just a quick ride on a pony.  We're all about helping mums and dads like you, create cherished family memories through fun and unforgettable kids parties.

Right from the start, our packages are designed to engage and entertain your children, leaving them with lots of happy childhood memories.  With beautiful saddle blankets, boots and costuming for unicorns, princess ponies ... even a super hero pony, the kids will be thrilled.  Add face painting, bubbles and balloons, and it just gets better.

As leaders in the world of pony parties, Balloonaversal is frequently copied!  Well what can we say? We must be a great inspiration! But on a serious note, this only drives us to improve on what we already do well, knowing that as we continue coming up with amazing and fresh ideas to keep your kids thoroughly entertained and engaged, you'll keep coming back.  And what’s important - an amazing and unforgettable party experience, not to mention an effortless, stress free event for you.

Choose from our specially designed packages

Select the perfect pony party entertainment package for any party style - small numbers, very young kids to the BIG extravagant birthday bash.  We'll help you with the planning and scheduling so everything fits and works perfectly.

Here they are at a glance.  Then for finer details including images, scroll down.

Standard Pony/Unicorn Package

  • 75 minutes
  • Ages 1 - 11
  • Up to 15 kids
  • 2 Ponies - one for riding, one mini for grooming
  • 1 friendly party host in company shirt and hat
  • Pre-made balloon animals
  • PRICE:  $395 plus travel fee

Most Popular

Gold Pony/Unicorn Package

  • 90 minutes
  • Ages 1 - 11
  • Up to 15 kids
  • 2 Ponies - one for riding, one mini for grooming
  • 2 friendly party hosts in costume or colorful overalls
  • Face painting
  • Balloon creation for each child
  • Special balloon creation for birthday child
  • PRICE:  $575 plus travel fee

Premium Packages

  • 2.5 hours
  • Ages 4 - 9
  • Up to 15 kids
  • 2 Ponies
  • 2 friendly hosts in costume
  • Themed entertainment - show or activities
  • Themed 3x3m popup marquee
  • Face painting
  • Special balloon birthday child
  • Balloon creation for each child
  • Themed party music
  • PRICE:  $880 plus travel fee


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75 min    |    Ages 1 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $395 + travel

A beautiful pony party package for when you want to keep things simple and easy. Especially perfect for kids aged 2 - 4, or if you have a small number of children attending or you're simply keeping to a budget.

The kids will all get 2 - 3 rides each (often more), they'll enjoy grooming and dressing up the cute little miniature pony and at the end of the party our lovely host will give each child a balloon animal to take home.

Fun, simple, easy peasy.

The ponies or unicorns can come dressed in either bright pink, sky blue, purple, yellow, red or lime green saddle blanket and matching leg boots and halter.

  • No requests for white unicorn (refer to Gold or Premium package)
  • No floral garland costume request (refer to Gold or Premium package)
Pony Parties


  • Extra Riding Pony   |   $150
    • For 25 + children, consider booking an extra pony & handler 75 min
  • Bubbles Activity   |   $60
    • Variety of bubble wands large and small + bubble mix for free play during the party 
  • Extra Time 15 min (extra 3 - 4 kids)   |   $37
  • Extra Time 30 min (extra 6 - 8 kids)  |   $75


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90 min    |    Ages 4 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $575 + travel

Our Gold Pony Party packages are the most popular choice because of the exceptional value added.  

In just one phone call, you've got 2 party hosts attending, you've got a pony for the pony rides and a cute little miniature pony for the kids to groom and cuddle, you have the face painter and the balloon twister + a special balloon creation just for the birthday child ... at way below the price of booking these individually.  That's HUGE saving for your family and LOADS more fun for the kids.

Your options are below, choose a pony costume theme for your party. There's something for little girls and something for little boys.  The costumes are beautifully made, our ponies are beautifully quiet and gentle and our party hosts really know how to engage and interact with the kids.

Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions  (03) 8669 1303


  • Dinosaur

  • My little pony

  • Super Hero

  • Princess pony 

  • coyboy/girl

  • Carousel Pony

  • Medieval Knight

Fairies and Unicorns

Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorns are SOOO popular that we've developed a truly beautiful unicorn party experience - because we believe that meeting a magical unicorn is an experience to remember, making fairy tail dreams come true.

The unicorn costumes are just stunning, made with beautiful brocade fabrics, sparkles and sequence. The Gold package allows your unicorn to wear a floral garland round it's neck.  Two fairys will accompany the unicorns to complete this amazing party experience.


  • Extra Riding Pony   |   $150
    • For 25 + children, consider booking an extra pony & handler 75 min
  • Bubbles Activity   |   $60
    • Selection of large and small bubble wands + bubble mix for free play during party
  • Extra Time 15 min (extra 3 - 4 kids)   |   $37
  • Extra Time 30 min (extra 6 - 8 kids)   |   $75


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2.5 hours    |    Ages 4 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $880 + travel

At Balloonaversal, we’re all about fun AND making the whole throwing a kids party thing super easy for mums and dads.  Peter and I have two boys – we know it’s a HUGE job organizing a party and we’ve done QUITE a few now.

These premium range themed pony parties are the absolute bomb and contain everything you could want for a non-stop, action packed adventure pony party!  Seriously, these are the complete entertainment package, you will not find this level of birthday party entertainment anywhere else. 

Premium - Fairy & Unicorn Party

Gather all your fairy and elf friends for this interactive story with a performing ‘unicorn’ inside the beautiful magical fairy grotto. There's music and magic and lots of giggles as we head off on our adventure through the fairy forest to the fairy castle.  

Fairies are invited to a fairy tea party where there’s fairy dancing & ribbon twirling and of course beautiful face painting and balloon creations. A true adventure for your little fairies.

And remember you still get all the fun entertainment that's listed in the brief description.

  • Fairy Grotto – with painted back drop & props
  • Fairy Balloonatic & fairy or elf assistant
  • Interactive Story with pony (unicorn)
  • Magic
  • Music & Dancing with twirling ribbons
Unicorn Pony Party

Premium - Pirate Pony Party

Ahoy There me hearties! Gather all your shipmates, we sailing the 7 seas in search of pirate laughs and buried treasure. Off we go on a Treasure Hunt after discovering an ancient treasure map that leads to a real treasure chest hidden under an ‘X’ marking the spot. Celebrate with Pirate dancing to piraty pirate music. With all this excitement, there's always extra energy to work off with a Pirate Mutiny and balloon sword fight. Ahrrr, me matey, it’s too much jolliement!

And remember you still get all the fun entertainment that's listed in the brief description.

  • Pirate Grotto – with painted backdrop & props.
  • Pirates – Captain Sheshell & 1st Mate
  • Treasure Hunt (includes map, large chest (hidden in back garden under green grass mat with ‘X’ marking the spot – of course).
  • Pirate themed music (& sound effects) played throughout party
  • A pirate dance & a pirate mutiny with balloon swords
Pirate Pony Party

Premium - Riding Club Pony Party

Expert ‘riding tuition’ from riding instructor Michelle B. Lunatic as the kids get real tips on sitting correctly in the saddle and using their reins and leds to guild the pony, all while still being safely hand led. Our pony comes beautifully dressed in a dressage saddle plus bridle and reins for teh kids to hold.  

The children then get the chance to put into practice their newly learned riding skills when they compete in the horse show. Lots of fun ‘cantering & galloping’ races (on hobby horses, best kept a secret from the birthday girl or boy till we bring them out – lol). 1st & 2nd place ribbons to be won, genuine champion rosette for the birthday child. Everyone’s a winner!

And remember you still get all the fun entertainment that's listed in the brief description.

  • Mock riding stables – marquee with painted backdrop & props
  • 2 ‘Riding Instructors’ to host & run the party
  • Real riding tuition during the the hand led pony rides
  • A Gymkhana – Mock up horse show, riding on hobby horses, relay race, ribbons for 1st & 2nd place teams (everyone wins).
  • Horse themed party music & sound effects played throughout the party
Riding Club Pony Party

Premium - Cowboy/Cowgirl Pony Party

Howdy Pilgram!  'Heading for the Hills' pony pantomime show with singing, dancing, music and magic. The kids assist Sheriff Shell and her trusty side kick Jeremiah to pack their suitcase, leave the farm and head for the hills in search of Tobias the Terrible, who is rumoured to be stealing valuable horses.  30 min show with lots of giggles and audience participation as the kids react to the performing mini pony and Sheriff Shell.  There'll also be some rootin tootin cowboy shootin when we catch Tobias the Terrible right in the act, but everyone is relieved when the birthday boy or girl rescues the day.

  • 'Heading for the Hills' trick trained performing pony in 30 in show.
  • Kids join the Cowboy posse to recapture the stolen horses
  • Game of Horse Shoe toss (with real horse shoes)
  • "Wanted" cowboy poster picture frame for individual posed photos
  • Country and western themed music throughout the party
Cowboy Pony

Premium - Groovy Groom n Glamour Pony Party

Hello darlings!  The Pony Beauty Salon is now open for booking exclusive clientel only (of the four legged, whinnying kind).  Position vacant: We are seeking several beauty technicians to groom, tie in  hair ties, clips, ribbons and bows.  Apply coloured hairspray and glitter hairspray, and assist our VIP clients with gorgeous custom made designer pony costumes. 

Then the fashion parade down the ‘pony’ walk begins. This party lets everyone get involved and have fun – boys too.  After the fashion parade, the kids get to ride their beautiful glammed up steeds who will certainly turn heads and get tongues wagging ... and giggling of course.

  • Glamour Grotto – with painted backdrop & props
  • 2 Super Cool & Personally very groovy party hosts
  • Pony Glamour time - Grooming kit, hair ties, ribbons, hair clips, sparkly hair spray, coloured hair spray, costumes for ponies.
  • Fashion Parade – each girl has a turn at leading the pony down the ‘catwalk’ showing off the pony.
  • Party music played throughout the party
Glamour Pony Party

Premium - Circus Pony Party

Roll up, Roll up!  The Circus is coming to town!  So hurry up for a party of fun under the ‘big top’.  Enjoy the circus performance where all the little party guests star in this very cute spontaneous play, narrated by the ringmaster, it's super easy and ever so much fun - don't forget to video it. There are lions and elephants, a strongman and clowns, flying trapeze even a tight rope walker. The star of the show is the legendary horse whisperer (birthday child) and his/her performing mini pony. And what circus is complete without the Side Show Ally entertainment – 3 bonus activities.

And remember you still get all the fun entertainment that's listed in the brief description.

  • Side Show Alley – with painted backdrop & 2 games.
  • Bubble Activity with a variety of bubble wands for big bubbles
  • Ringmaster and clown to host and run the party (2 hosts)
  • Spontaneous Circus Show – party kids all have a role, birthday child – star of the show with performing mini pony.
  • Circus themed music (& sound effects) played throughout party
Circus Pony Party

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Little girl in pony

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