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Create unforgettable childhood memories with a magical unicorn or pony party. A living fairy tale come true!

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Pony Parties in Melbourne

Creating lasting memories for your child and family is a breeze with our 

stunning pony party packages and options - more than just pony rides

Unicorn pony parties

Congratulation, great choice in thinking about having a pony party for your child.  Whether you have a little boy or a horse mad girl, we have fabulous options to truly inspire and excite you kids and their friends.

Your kids will experience more than just a ride or two on a pony at our pony parties. We're all about helping mums and dads like you, create happy family memories through fun and unforgettable kids parties.

Right from the start, our pony party packages are designed to engage and entertain your children,  captivating their enjoyment and imagination. We've been told many times that our parties are remembered by all for years afterward.

Choose from 3 specially designed packages

Select a pony party entertainment package that's perfect for what you need - small numbers, very young kids to the BIG extravagant birthday bash.  We've got something for all budgets, spaces and time constraints. 

We'll help you with the planning and scheduling so everything fits and works perfectly.

Lite Pony/Unicorn Package

  • 75 minutes
  • Ages 1 - 11
  • Up to 15 kids
  • 2 Ponies - one for riding, one mini for grooming. Unicorn theme is available
  • 1 friendly party host in company shirt and hat
  • Pre-made balloon animals
  • Party start times:  10:30am and from 2:30pm, slight flexibility
  • PRICE:  $395 plus travel
  • Only Available within a 40 min drive from Doreen

Most Popular

Gold Pony/Unicorn Package

  • 90 minutes
  • Ages 1 - 11
  • Up to 15 kids
  • 2 Ponies - one for riding, one mini for grooming. Choose one of our fun themes including Unicorns
  • 2 friendly party hosts in fairy costume or colorful overalls
  • Face painting - Gorgeous, Professional
  • Balloon creation for each child
  • Special balloon creation for birthday child
  • Party start times:  10:30am and from 2:30pm, slight flexibility
  • PRICE:  $595 plus travel

Premium Pony Package

  • 2.5 hours
  • Ages 1 - 11
  • Up to 18 kids
  • 2 Ponies
  • 2 party hosts in costume
  • Pony Rides:  as many as we can do ... 3 - 6 each  child, plus mini pony grooming
  • Design the rest of your party - select from 14 amazing activities and games
  • Special balloon birthday child
  • Party music
  • Party start times:  10:00am and from 2:30pm
  • PRICE:  $975 plus travel
  • lite -  learn more                                        

  • Gold - CLICK HERE                                                  

  • Premium - learn more                              

Lite Pony Party - more details

75 min    |    Ages 1 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $395 + travel

A beautiful pony party package for when you want to keep things simple and easy. Especially perfect for kids aged 2 - 4, or if you have a small number of children attending or you're simply keeping to a budget.

The kids will all get 2 - 3 rides each (often more), they'll enjoy grooming and dressing up the cute little miniature pony and at the end of the party our lovely host will give each child a balloon animal to take home.

Fun, simple, easy peasy.

The ponies or unicorns can come dressed in either bright pink, sky blue, purple, yellow, red or lime green saddle blanket and matching leg boots and halter.

  • No requests for white unicorn (refer to Gold or Premium package)
  • No floral garland costume request (refer to Gold or Premium package)
Pony Parties


  • Extra Riding Pony | $150
    For 25 + children, consider booking an extra pony & handler 75 min
  • Bubbles Activity | $65
    Selection of large and small bubble wands + bubble mix for free play during party
  • Extra Time 15 min (extra 3 - 4 kids) | $45
  • Extra Time 30 min (extra 6 - 8 kids) | $85

Party Invitations

We have 3 gorgeous party invitations to choose from that will be perfect for pony or unicorn party.  Download and write in your own details. There are 2 invites per A4 page.

To have these invitation customised, contact us, it's easy to do. We'll email you the downloadable invites for you to print off. $20

Teal Pony
Pony party invite
Cute Pony/Unicorn
Pony or unicorn pony party invite

Two more AMAZING party packages you might want to know about

Unicorns and Real Butterflies

Unicorns & butterflies - more details

Lite Butterfly Package  75 min    |    Ages 1 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $725 + travel

Butterflies and Unicorns

If you could make your little girl's unicorn party just a little more magical, what would you do?  You could add live butterflies of course!

We have teamed up with Butterfly Kidz and have created the most magic birthday party experience your little one could wish for - real unicorns and real live butterflies.  We are sure this is going to be one AMAZING party experience that will be cherished and talked about for a long time.

  • 2 beautifully dressed unicorns (or ponies) -  one for riding, one for grooming and dress ups
  • Two party hosts, one for pony rides, one for butterflies
  • Beautiful enclosure with dozens of live butterflies for the children to enter


  • Extra Pony & handler   |   $150
    • 25 + children, book an extra pony & handler 75 min
  • Extra 15 min.   |   $45
  • Extra 30 min.   |   $85

Gold Butterfly Package  90 min    |    Ages 1 - 11    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $950 + travel

Butterflies and Unicorns

Now let's make this butterfly and unicorn party even more SPECIAL - add face painting and balloon twisting!

Face Painting is one of the most popular activities at any kids party or event and so is balloon twisting.  Book the Gold Butterfly Package and create and AMAZING experience for your birthday child and all the guests. GUARANTEED SUCCESS!

  • 2 beautifully dressed unicorns (or ponies) -  one for riding, one for grooming and dress ups
  • Three party hosts, one for pony rides, one for face painting and balloon twisting and one for butterflies
  • Professional face painting and balloon party hats for all the kids
  • Beautiful enclosure with dozens of live butterflies for the children to enter
  • Special unicorn balloon creation for the birthday child

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Express Pony Party - Bargain 1 hour $250


60 min    |    Ages 1 - 9    |    Up to 15 kids    |    $250

  • 2 beautiful unicorns or ponies -  one for riding, one for grooming & cuddles
  • One party host
  • Special Balloon Creation for birthday child
  • Choose from pre-selected dates and times via online booking form
  • We travel to you, locations within 20 min of Doreen only

If you're on a strict budget, but don't want the kids to miss out on something special for their birthday - Click Here for more info on this gorgeous little party and to access the online booking form

Express Pony Party option

Our Beautiful Ponies

Our ponies are well loved and are most definitely part of our family with several members being with us longer than our two legged babies.  Learn more. Our boys have grown up with many of our ponies and have their own favourite stories to tell.  Go hear to learn more.

  • Our little business partners and adored members of the family
  • Special Training and management specific for kids parties.  
  • Rotated weekends off so that they are always happy and willing to go to work.

There's so much more to share about our ponies and their care and management, lots of people are interested in this topic, and if you are too, we have created a wonderful blog post with stories, photos, even video.  See you there :-)

So why choose Balloonaversal for your Pony Party?

Pony parties bring just the right mix of fun and an inner warmth to kids parties, not to mention the sheer joy and excitement the kids experience each and every time they meet a sweet gentle pony.  Combine this with the other entertainment activities we offer and you have a huge recipe for a successfully fun party.  Many kids and adults also find the magic of ponies to quite a therapeutic experience.

And we're not just really nice horsey people who bring our beautiful calm ponies over for kids to ride on, we children's entertainers first - professional face painters, professional balloon twisters, all round fun loving entertainers with 20+ years in the industry.  With over 1 million kids entertained at kids parties, community and corporate events, we still LOVE what we do and love to help families experience amazing kids party entertainment.

We believe now more than ever the importance in getting our families together as often as possible to build strong, in person friendships and family bonds, to celebrate what's important to us all - family and friends.  Let us work this magic for you too.  Check Prices Now

What goes in to creating an amazing pony party experience?

Research And Strategise

We spend a bit of time asking questions and listening to kids and parents to find out what you all would absolutely love in a party.  We're always researching new and inovative ways to bring joy and happiness as well as great customer satisfaction through the whole booking process and party experience.

Kids pony parties Melbourne

Design & Develop

We take these new ideas, dreams and inspirations and working with our team (other entertainers & business coaches), we further develop them.  This will be the entertainment packages, the costuming for team and ponies, props, backend support like newsletters, emails, social media and website.

Snow queen and reindeer

Tweek And Improve

But it doesn't stop there, we are always seeking to improve what we do at the parties and how we do it. Debrief after each party, what went well, how did the kids respond anything new and funny that took place that we could do again? (the kids are a CONSTANT source of inspiration that's for sure)

Pony Parties with Mrs Balloonatic

When you book Balloonaversal you're in good company

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We think it's important to not only meet us here on the website, but the ponies too.

The Little Riders Club has 3 gorgeous activities to choose from each school holidays.

Don't just take our word for what we do - see for yourself how much fun our pony parties are.

Several themed invitations to choose from which all can be customised for you party.

One hour super value pony party experience at an unbelievable price. Doreen and local only.

The Kids Party Survival Guide for busy parents, authored by Michelle Patterson, Mrs Balloonatic.

Birthday Breakfast Visits

Breakfast visits, summer months only, after school afternoon tea visits all year round. Doreen & local.

Parties at Our Property

Need a location? We can run pony parties from our property in Doreen, Melbourne's north. Special request.

Does mum or dad, the kids grand parents live in a nursing home? Organise a little 4 legged visitor.

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With over 20 years in the business of making kids smile, having attended well over 10 thousand kids parties, community and corporate events, and we've entertained ... over 1 million kids and families between us and our team - that's a truck load of fun and experience.  And after all these year, we still LOVE what we do - and that's helping mums and dads create amazing, happy family memories (and extatic boys and girls) through our fantastic kids party package options :-)

So, please use our years of experience to create you family's perfect party day experience. Allow us to pour our heart and soul into your child's birthday celebration.

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Peter and Michelle are all about community - families, friends and kids getting together and having fun. Their warm hear They do this with their unique and creative flair.

We love to go above and beyond, from the start to the finish of your experience with our company.

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Marianna Camarata

 3 Year Old Loves Her Unicorn Party

We hired Balloonaversal Entertainments for my daughters 3rd Birthday and they were just great. Michelle was our host and she did an amazing job, between the horse riding, face painting & balloon twisting she made all the children at the party feel special. Michelle was so friendly and really knew how to keep a crowd. The kids loved the unicorn rides & had so much fun.
My daughter especially, she said that her party was magical and that she had a wonderful time.
They were all very professional & accommodating. If you need great entertainment for your party this is the company to contact.

Upuli Gunawardena

7th Birthday Was A Blast!

We had my daughter's 7th birthday party last weekend and it was a blast thanks to Michelle and her team. The ponies were so well behaved and the kids loved riding them. There was face painting and balloon twisting and Michelle was so efficient and professional and great with the kids. We all had a great time, I cannot recommend Balloonaversal highly enough. They are excellent at what they do! Thank you so much.

Stav Athanasopoulos

All The Kids Were Totally Engaged

We just had a unicorn pony party for our 4 year old girl and we were so happy to see the delight on all of the kids faces the whole time. All the kids from the ages of 1 to 12 were totally engaged in all the activities from the face painting, baloon making and riding the most adorable ,cutest, magical and majestic looking unicorns one can ever have the pleasure of meeting. Thankyou Michelle and Peter for entertaining us all and creating the most memorable parties we have ever had .

Tara Clark

We Made The Right Decision

Thank you SO much Michelle!!!I cannot recommend Michelle enough! The moment I spoke to you on the phone I knew that I had made the right decision.Fantastic entertainment for the kids, they absolutely loved you! The ponies were beautiful, bubbles and balloon twisting were great, and the face painting was amazing!I’m so glad I found you! You made my daughters party one to remember. Highly recommend! 10/10! Such a great job, we really appreciate it! Thank you!

Robyn B

Beautiful Family Memories

Ballonaversal Entertainments are AMAZING!! Michelle and Peter were absolutely wonderful with the children and loaned their beautiful property to give my daughter the most spectacular unicorn birthday party. They are very talented entertainers and made sure everything ran smoothly. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This party was every little girls dream and hands down the absolute best party we have ever had. There were unicorn rides, pony grooming and dress ups, face painting, balloon twisting and a bubble activity table. The property has a playground with swings, a slide, tree hammock swings, a trampoline, and everything was set up to keep the children constantly entertained. Thank you Ballonaversal for giving our family beautiful memories of our child's special day and a birthday party our daughter will never forget!

Sarah Williams

So Lovely Even From The 1st Phone Call

The team at Balloonaversal were so lovely from the very first phone call. They helped me tailor a party from start to finish and all within my budget.
The party was a complete success. We had so many compliments about our party. Many friends at our party have asked for Balloonaversals contact details. I highly recommend them and will be using them for our next event.

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