Therapy Ponies

Therapy Ponies - Little Angels Sent From Heaven

The Angels With Hooves miniature ponies have been helping seniors, special needs children and people suffering anxiety since 2005.  

Our therapy ponies visit hundreds of special people every year, bringing joy, comfort, affection and happiness to their lives.  The benefits of the healing power from touching and seeing the ponies is undeniable.

Staff, particularly in age care centres are under more and more pressure each year and certainly also benefit from a visit with a little angel sent from heaven, so please let your staff enjoy them too 🙂

The Well Known Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies

Scientific studies reveal that the positive effects of human-animal interaction are many. The presence of animals has a multitude of benefits with pet therapy improving a person’s social, emotional, and physical health.

  • Increases a sense of community
  • Stimulates memory and sharing
  • Improved communication, social and perceptual skills
  • Leads to more independent & fulfilling lives
  • Stronger connections to the physical world and to other people
  • Encourages exercise and movement to help increase muscle strength, joint mobility, balance and coordination
  • Greater self-confidence and trust
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lowers anxiety and stress levels
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, which help people feel good- especially important for people who are feeling depressed or isolated.
Animal Assisted Therapy

Booking Information

Our ponies are always beautifully presented and of course impeccably mannered. Having a caring and intuitive handler is of equal importance in directing the whole activity.  We get asked lots of questions about the pony, it's name, how old, what breed - and isn't that what we want - stimulate conversation and engagement?

What we do on the day:  Visit with the residents in the lounge area first allowing each resident to spend several minutes stroking and patting, often chatting with the pony.  Then if time allows, we can take a stroll to some of the residents and visit in their rooms.

  • 1 hour visit:  $260 (plus travel and GST)
  • Additional hour:  $100
  • Additional pony per hour: $100
  • Available Days: Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays
  • Recommended Visit Time:  10:30am/11am or 1pm/1:30pm

We currently have a special offer for multiple bookings -


See what industry leader Aged Care Guide has to say about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

Angels With Hooves
Therapy Pony Visits
Therapy Ponies
Therapy Ponies
Therapy Pony
Therapy Pony
Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal Assisted Therapy
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Therapy Pony Excursions - You Come To Us

We may be offering day visits with the therapy ponies (and other pets and animals) at our farm in Doreen, Melbourne's north.  PLEASE let us know if this is something that you'd love to participate in 🙂

Some Of The Organisations We've Been Blessed To Visit

Uniting Age Well
BlueCross Age Care
Very Special Kids
Glenroy Specialist School
Benetas Age Care
Wintringham Age Care
Trinity Age Care
Estia Health

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