Meet The Pony Party Ponies

Meet the Pony Party Ponies

We are so pleased to introduce our pony party ponies.  They are so friendly and very good at what they do, which is to take complete beginners for pony rides leaving the kids feeling happy and exhilarated, and for the miniature ponies, to happily allow the kids to groom them, pat and cuddle them and dress them in cute pony appropriate dress ups.

FAQ -  Can we choose the pony we want?

As exciting as it is to plan your child's pony party, please allow us to do what we do very well and that's to manage our pony's work week.  We are CONTINUALLY praised for having such calm and gentle ponies and that's because they do get their rostered weekends off and time away from going to work, so to answer the question, do you get to choose? ... No, sorry you don't.  We hope you understand and we will do our best for you 🙂

Pony Parties

The Riding Ponies

Pony Leasing Melbourne


Height:  13 hands

Colour:  Buckskin

Breed:  Welsh Pony Section B x Australian Pony

Mare (female)

Especially suitable for kids age from 10 - 12

Jack welsh mountain pony


Height:  12 hands

Colour:  Bay

Breed:  Welsh Mountain Pony

Sex:  Gelding (desexed male)

Suitable for Ages:  Kids 7 – 11

unicorn for lease melbourne


Height:  11.1 hands

Colour:  White

Breed:  Welsh Mountain Pony

Sex:  Mare

Best Suited for Ages:  Kids 6 – 11

adopt a pony


Height:  9.2 hands

Colour:  Pale Palomino

Breed:  Shetland Pony x Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable for Age:  Kids 3 – 6

horse and pony lease


Height:  9.3 hands

Colour:  Bay

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable for Ages:  Kids 4 – 8

Pony Rides


Height:  10.2 hands

Colour:  Silver Taffy

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable for Age:  Kids 6 – 10

adopt a pony pony lease


Height:  10.2 hands

Colour:  Black

Breed:  Shetland Pony

Sex:  Mare

Suitable for Age: Kids 3 – 8

Unicorn Parties


Height:  9.2 hands

Colour:  Blue roan 

Breed:  Miniature Pony (Tall and stout for his breed)

Sex:  Gelding

Suitable Rider Age:  Kids 3 – 7

The Miniature Ponies For Grooming & Dress ups

Kids Pony Rides


Height:  9 hands

Colour:  Chestnut 

Breed:  Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Bio: Very handsome and gentle

Adopt a Animal Assisted Therapy pony


Height:  79 cm

Colour:  Chestnut

Breed:  Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Bio:  Our smallest mini pony

Animal Assisted Therapy pony lease a pony


Height:  83 cm

Colour:  Dark Brown

Breed:  Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Bio:  Our performing pony and our top Therapy Pony

Pony Party


Height:  9 hands

Colour:  Golden Palomino

Breed:  Miniature Horse

Sex:  Gelding

Bio:  A very beautiful and cheeky pony that we bred, his dad is Ollie.

Kids party Pony


Height:  86 cm

Colour:  Skewbald (Chestnut and white pinto)

Breed:  Miniature Pony

Sex:  Gelding

Bio:  A popular mini unicorn and very gentle with the kids

Pony Party Packages

Our pony party ponies are keen to meet you, If you haven't chosen a pony party package yet, click this link to view our amazing packages on offer - Pony Parties