August 14

Balloon Twisters


Everyone Loves Balloon Twisting, Kids Love Balloon Animals!

Balloon TwistingBalloon Animals are loved by young and old! There’s something about Balloon Twisting that draws both kids and adults. For kids, balloons are something fun to play with, but for us adults it’s seeing how creative some people can be with them that’s entertaining enough. Getting to have a turn at the balloon twisting can be an hilarious, interactive activity in our Balloon Twisting Workshops. Either way balloons are certainly an ice breaker and a bit of fun for any occasion.

Balloons animals and a roving balloon artist does add that extra fun to any corporate function, family fun day or community event – in fact it’s a must have for your event!

From fabulous huge balloon sculptures; our outstanding Men In Pink roving balloon artists, to fun team building balloon twisting workshops, we listen to your aims and work with you in making your event something special.

Make a booking today – (03) 8661 1303 or fill in our online inquiry form.

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