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5 Fun Kids Party Games – Approved By Kids


So you’ve decided to host a kid’s party, congratulations! Hopefully, you’ve also booked one of our popular kid party packages, like a magic show, balloon twister for crazy balloon animals, face painting, or pony rides. But what about kids party games? Party games for kids are a great addition for extra entertainment while burning off their seemingly infinite pool of energy at the same time! Here are 5 very popular games for kid parties.


Party Game #1 – Statues

This is a great game for the dancing crowd! Gather the kids in a room or your back yard, and have them stand at least an arm’s length from each other. Put on a kid-friendly song and instruct the kids to jump, dance, or just go crazy while the music plays. But when you stop the music, everyone has to freeze in their position! If you catch somebody move, they are out! The last person left wins the game!

Party Game #2 – Kangaroo Jump

Set up a start and finish line. You’ll need one tennis ball for each child participating in this game. Instruct the kids to jump to the finish line with the tennis ball between their knees. If a player drops the ball, he or she can put it right back between their knees and keep jumping! The first player to reach the finish line wins!

Party Game #3 – Egg Relay

Find a partner for each child. Set up a starting point “A” and marked location “B”. Partners will stand on opposite sides (one at A and the other at B). Each beginning player will be given a spoon and an egg, and on your mark will carefully balance the egg from A to B. Once they reach their partners at B, the partners take over the spoon and egg and carefully return to point A. If a player drops an egg, they can get another one and keep walking. The first team to make it back to point A with an egg intact wins!

Party Game #4 – Balloon Stomp

Have two balloons, filled with air, for each child playing. Divide the group of kids into two or three teams (Team Red, Team Blue, etc.). Each kid will have two balloons tied to their feet with a color that designates the group they are in. When you say start, the kids have five minutes to burst balloons from their opposing teams. Any kid with both balloons popped is out. The team with the most balloons remaining wins! Have a helper to supervise the kids with you to make sure everyone plays friendly!

Party Game #5 – Red Light Green Light

Pick one kid to be designated as the “stoplight”. The stoplight then stands with his or her back facing the rest of the kids, who are all standing 20-30 feet away. When the stoplight calls out “green light!”, the kids begin to walk towards him/her. But, when the stoplight says “red light!” and turns around, any player still moving is out of the game. The game is over if none of the players reach the stoplight. If one of the players reaches the stoplight and tags him/her, that player wins and begins the next round as the stoplight.

Each of these games will take around 5 – 10 minutes to run, pick 2 or 3 to play consecutively keeping keep the kids active for around 15 to 30 minutes, then bring the energy levels downs by serving the party food.After party food, the kids can resume face painting, balloon twisting or the pony rides.

If this sounds like too much work running the games, no problems, just ask our friendly staff when booking your child’s party in and we’ll be happy to organise the party games for you – freeing you up to totally enjoy the day with your child.

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