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Quick Ideas For Kids Party Food


Kids Party Food - Jelly Oranges
Kids Party Food – Colourful Jelly Oranges

Easy Kids Party Food Ideas

Here is a quick list of all the usual party ‘staples’. If you are looking for relatively little preparation: this is your list –

  • Party pies & mini sausage rolls
    Mini sandwiches
    Mini hot dogs – cocktail frankfurts in dinner rolls
    Mini spring rolls and dim sims
    Hot potato chips
    Chicken wings
    Chicken nuggets
    Cheese – cubed, cheese sticks, cheese wedges
    Marshmallows & fruit skewers
    Fairy bread is still a favourite – use different shape cookie cutters to shape the bread
    Finger Lamingtons
    Cup Cakes
    Jelly – ‘Frog-In-A–Pond’,
    Here’s the ‘How To’:
    Jelly Orange Quarters – different coloured jellies in scooped out orange halves, cut into quarters when jelly is set, they look absolutely fabulous especially for a summer time party.
    Flavoured milk – with crazy straws
    Fruit juices – with crazy straws

keeping it simple seems to be the best idea.


Creative And Fun Party Food Ideas
If you want some inspiring party food ideas, visit our Pinterest Board – ‘Kids Party Ideas – Party Food’

And check this great site out for ready to go recipes – 16 Quick Easy & Fun Ideas Party Food Ideas, they’re fun and really creative.


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