August 22

Pony Rides


Pony Rides, Performing Ponies & Other Pony Related Entertainment

Pony Rides for Community & Family Events
Barnabus one our favourite pony ride ponies with the kids

A Pony Ride for the kids is always a popular attraction at community events or a family fun day … so naturally you’ll want to include this at your event.

Our gorgeous well kept ponies come in varying heights – larger ponies for the older kids, cute little ones for the little kids so they feel safe.

Pony Hire – The Professional Team

Balloonaversal Pony Rides offers your organisation:Pony-rides-Professional-Team

  • A Smart Looking Set Up
  • Smiley & Experienced Staff
  • Gorgeous, Well Mannered Ponies

… All designed to leave your guests with a positive impression of the event they just attended.

More Pony Entertainment

And There’s More … not only do we offer an exceptional pony ride service, we do supply other forms of pony entertainment that you may not have considered.

For further details, click on the pink bars to the left

And remember, Balloonaversal will happily do a package deal on grouped entertainment – saving you a little bit of your time.

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