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Children’s Parties – Where To Begin When Deciding What To Do


Children’s Parties – Where To Begin When Deciding What To Do

Childlren's Parties
Childlren’s Parties

Your child’s birthday is coming up. You’re being bombarded by ideas and suggestions on what the party “should” be like, and it’s wearing you down. What should you do?

Planning the little one’s party is a tough job for all parents, mainly because there are so many great party ideas to choose from. Picking just one theme to work with can be a challenge, especially when your child likes MANY different things.

Nonetheless, as a parent (and head organizer for your child’s party), you NEED to make a choice. It’s important to choose a single theme for the party, and the theme has to be phenomenal – or else it’s going to be forgetful.

How do you make a child’s party phenomenal?

Kids Absolutely LOVE Parties!
Kids naturally love parties, especially when they’re the center of attention. It’s an opportunity where they can be themselves around the friends and family who love them.

It’s difficult to go wrong with a kids’ party, but it still pays to make sure you don’t fall into one of two common problems:

  1. First, the party is too plain and boring for the child, as is usually the case when the party has no central theme; and
  2. When the child feels overwhelmed by the attention, making him/her feel traumatized towards parties. This is also a possibility when there’s no central theme for the party.

No doubt about it, a theme holds things together for a child’s party. It makes the party more enjoyable and memorable, and it keeps the child from feeling overwhelmed by diverting some of the attention towards the theme’s attractions.

And when it comes to successful kids’ party themes, it’s hard to match the impact of a pony party!

Is Your Child Horse-Mad?Pony Rides build children's confidence
Horses are fantastic. There’s something about the majestic animals that kids are naturally drawn to. There’s no wonder why horses, cowboys, and My Little Pony continue to fascinate children even as they grow older.

What’s more, horses and children seem to have a natural affinity for each other. Children are naturally curious, and horses are naturally inclined to interact with people.

What’s more, riding a pony builds a child’s confidence and self-esteem. It’s not only a physical activity – horses also give an emotional (and even spiritual) gift. It’s truly an experience that can’t be matched by jugglers, clowns, or magicians.

For “horse-mad” kids, horses are almost an addiction. They fill their rooms with posters of horses, they fill their shelves with model horses and My Little Pony figurines, they fill their shelves with books and DVD’s about horses, and so on.

It doesn’t stop in their bedrooms, either. When the family is in the living room channel-surfing, they yell “stop!” whenever they see a horse on the screen. And on a weekend road trip, they point out every horse (or picture of a horse) they see.

Even if your child isn’t crazy about horses, they won’t say “no” to an opportunity to learn how to ride a horse. And even petting a horse for the first time in their lives is a moment they won’t forget anytime soon!

Why Not Have A Pony Party?
So if your child even has a little attraction towards horses and ponies, then a pony birthday party is the way to go for his/her next birthday. There’s simply no way a pony party can be forgettable!

Pony-themed attractions keep the young ones entertained with pony shows, pony petting, pony riding, and other games.

To get the best bang for your buck, look for a kids’ entertainment provider who specializes in ponies. Besides the ponies and the entertainers, you’ll also want to make sure the provider has public liability, a backup plan for rainy days, and whether they’ll clean up after the ponies.

To see how our company offers these and more!

How To Keep Your Child’s Pony Dream Alive After The Party
After your child’s dream pony party, the next question for mummy and daddy can often be “Mummy can I have my own pony?” If you can’t own your own pony (and don’t worry, most families can’t), then having pony birthday parties for your child’s next few years would be in order.

It’s also a good idea to nurture your child’s fascination with horses as he/she grows older. Fill the bedroom bookshelf with books about horses, get horse riding lessons for the family, and foster dreams of one day owning your own family horse ranch. Even if it’s a fanciful dream, dreams are for free – and gosh, you just never know either.

For the meantime, let us show you how to make your child’s next birthday an unforgettable one with their very first pony party. Visit Unforgettable Pony Parties and let’s get started!

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