June 10

Team Profile – Gemma Tapping


Pony Riding

Gemma is a high school student and has been with our company for 3 years. What kind of work does Gemma do you say being so young?

Gemma is one of our ‘Pony Assistants’ and has a very important job here at Balloonaversal Head Quarters.

Her main role is to lead kids on the ponies at children’s birthday parties or corporate/community events on the weekends. Her wonderful gentle spirit makes her a perfect candidate for creating a fun, memorable experience for the children as they ride. She chats to the kids, asks them all kinds of questions as she leads them on the pony, and always has a laugh with them.

Can’t Get Enough Of The Ponies

We also see Gemma during the week as well, you see Gemma is one of a small group lucky young ladies whPonies for partieso have the privilege of being able to come and ride our larger ponies and Thoroughbred horse whenever they want. All in return for helping with the work load of taking care of the 14 ponies that we have here at home. It’s pretty hard for a bunch of horse mad girls wouldn’t you think? They get plenty of privileges – riding and jumping lessons when I can are just one example.

I often joke about our place being the local Saddle Club chapter as the girls often meet up and go out for adventurous rides together – the Diamond Creek McDonalds Drive Through being a popular destination for teenage girls. Swimming the ponies in our dam during summer time or twilight rides on a full moon are some of the other fun experiences they have.

Why Buy A Horse? I’ve Got Plenty!

Kids Pony HireIt works great for our family and the teen’s parents as the cost of owning a horse of your own plus all the equipment and up keep is quite expensive.

With all this time spent around the ponies, Gemma has become a very experienced young horsewoman. She has even trained Josh our 16 hand Thoroughbred tricks.

Gemma has a goal to become an equine vet and works very hard toward this. I’m quietly confident that she will achieve this ambition.

Remember to say hi to Gemma and ask her why she was wearing a green Band-Aid on her head recently. (Or keep an eye out for next months issue of BalloonaScoop, I may just tell you the answer).

For Pony Party Inquiries call (03) 8669 1303 or send via our online form.


Team Profile

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