March 31

Spotlight on a Balloonaversal Kids Party: Super Pro Balloon Twisting Party


MInion balloon
The little girl is impressed

Want a party that will super impress your kids and friends?

An advanced level balloon twister is sure to do the trick and Balloonaversal have some of Melbourne’s most elite balloon twisters on staff to bring amazing fun to your next party.
Balloon twisting is so popular, usually stopping people in their tracks as they watch a metre long balloon being twisted and manipulated into fabulous designs.

Now there’s balloon twisting … and then there is AMAZING balloon twisting by artists who really know their stuff. And as we are called BALLOONAVERSAL Entertainments, you can expect amazing balloon creations especially when it comes to a kids party called the ‘Super Pro Balloon Twisting Party’ – we call it that for a very good reason – you’re getting Super Professional Balloon Twisters making up virtually anything the kids can think of, and kids can get pretty creative. Not only are they talented, but they’re funny and witty as well, guaranteeing a super entertaining party or event.Finn from Adventure Time Balloon Creation

This party is perfect for hard to please boys between 6 to tweens. Our guys will super impress their friends, making your son’s or daughter’s party a totally success in everyone’s eyes.
Go here to find out how to book in your next awesome party with one of Melbourne’s Elite Super Pro Balloon Twisters from Balloonaversal or call 03 8669 1303 



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