March 31

Moomba Birdman Rally – Look What We Won


Balloonaversal Balloonaful Birdman
                     The Balloonaful Birdman
Balloonaversal - Winner of Moomba Birdman Rally 'Funniest Moment' Award
Balloonaversal – Winner of Moomba Birdman Rally ‘Funniest Moment’ Award

It was ‘Chocks Away’ or should that have been ‘Chooks Away’ at the recent Moomba Birdman Rally event with Balloonaversal’s entry The Balloonaful Birdman.

Moomba birdman rally balloon heads
Peter & Michelle Patterson the ‘Aircraft Marshals’

Creative director Peter Patterson being so skilled, pulled out all stops to design and build the amazing 4.5m long, x 2m tall spectacular balloon bird.

Peter with Michelle Patterson, the ‘aircraft marshals’ wore their own balloon head lookalikes and between themselves and the pilot Nathan Green had just 30 seconds on the platform to entertain the crowds before the epic jump – and entertain they did, winning the Moomba Birdman Rally 016 Funniest Moment award.

We raised $974.50 for charity of choice Destiny Rescue and had the Victorian representatives at the event for a brief interview with the media after the jump. (Learn more about the work of Destiny Rescue)

Stay tuned for 2017’s Birdman Rally.


Balloonaful Birdman in the Herald Sun
Balloonaful Birdman in the Herald Sun

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