August 22


Giant Bubble Craft

By asaavedra

August 22, 2012

Giant Interactive Bubble Activity

BubblesEvery child loves bubbles – small bubbles, big bubbles and especially – giant bubbles. Making them, chasing them and breaking them or just watching the bubbles float on by, it brings a smile to your face. Old and young enjoy the simplicity and magic of bubbles, they bring a sense of serenity and wonderment.

Kids get to play around with our giant bubble wands and star wands creating huge floating bubbles. Cater for up to 20 kids at a time.

• Range of bubble wands
• 2 Bubble Mixture Stations
• Marquee, colourful eye-catching bunting to mark out an area
• Helpful attendant

Bookings call 8669 1303 Online Inquiry

Giant Bubble Blowing

Our Giant Bubble Activity is easy for anyone to do and will bring fun and laughter to all who use them, making this a definite additional activity to any party or event.

Competitive rates available, Call for a Quote on our Package Deals and Special Offers.

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