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Pony Rides are always a favourite at any family or community event. Our fun Pony Ride package offer children the chance to ride on our very well behaved ponies – all having had plenty of experience with young children.

  • We have small, medium and large ponies to safely and comfortably take all age groups for a ride on a pony. Don’t get stuck with just the small ponies at your event.
  • We have perfected a system to ensure maximum rides and min waiting times.
  • Our team of both ponies and handlers are exceptionally well presented.
  • All handlers are friendly, smiley and helpful.
  • Our aim is to make your event even better with our exceptional service
Pony Rides

Balloonaversal go to the extra trouble to create a professional set up which includes a marquee for all weather, colourful bunting to mark out a safe & separate area, ‘Pony Ride’ signage and flags to increase visibility making it easily to site the pony ride area. Your event deserves the best Pony Ride Team in Melbourne.

Request a quote, let us know how many kids you anticipate attending, how long the event it will be and we'll send you a quote on the right size pony ride package and include a couple of options too.

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