The Pony Team

Pony Party Team Members

Meet our Pony Team members, they are every bit as important as the human team members. We have 11 ponies in total (at the moment), this way we roster the ponies around so that everyone has limited amounts of continuous work as we like having happy, contented well mannered ponies attend parties and events – and believe me I do know pony ride businesses currently in operation that don’t do this -‘don’t pat the ponies’!

We also are careful to supply the right sized ponies for events and so have a selection of ponies of varying heights. This is important to the health and safety of both the ponies and the children. We rarely use the tiny mini ponies/horses for pony rides except for the smallest of children – the way it should be.

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The Welsh Mountain Ponies

  • Cowboy / Cowgirl Pony Party
    Welsh Mountain Pony – Buttons

    Buttons is our grand old lady at age 23 and is 11.1 hands high. She is a retired pony clubber and show pony who still loves to receive attention from adoring kids. Keeping her active with limited pony party work throughout the year helps her to stay fit and healthy. Buttons looks fantastic dressed up as our unicorn or cowboy pony.

  • Costumed Pony Party For Kids
    Welsh Mountain Pony – Jack

    Jack is only 6 years old and he’s our shy guy – shy at home, but put him on the ‘pony party stage’ and he transforms into a very steady, super friendly fellow indeed. His registered name is Morning Mist Whistlejacket and stands at 12 hands. I bought him as an unbroken 3 year old, gave him around 12 months to mature and then commenced his training at 4. He has been a lovely trusting pony to work with and clearly enjoys his job.

The Shetland Ponies

  • Princess Pony - Nikki
    Shetland Pony – Nikki

    Nikki is our beautiful black Shetland Pony standing at 9.2 hands is very pretty with her lovely long and wavy mane, tail and forlock (fringe). Nikki has been with us for 11 years and still has such a kind and gentle nature with the children. Nikki is such an experienced pony party pony that virtually nothing surprises her – always calm and placid amongst the fun, noise and activity of kids birthday parties.

  • Kids Pony Rides With Barnabus
    Shetland Pony – Barnabus

    Barnabus came to us several years ago via one of our neighbours who was moving out of the area and wondered if we could use another pony. He was so cute, who could say ‘no’. Barnabus is shorter than Nikki but is bigger stronger type of pony – we say he’s called Barnabus because he’s build like a bus. With his striking colour and affectionate nature, he is always well loved at both home and at birthday parties. He’s the pony that my two boys have learned to ride on, even occasionally taking Tobias to school.

  • Billy is actually a Shetland Pony, Miniature Horse cross. Nikki is his mum and Ollie is his dad. Billy was born at home on the 14th December 2010 and he was quite full of himself even from just a few hours old. Everything we did with him he did it kicking and screaming against us lol. But with patience, gentle handling, maturity and … gelding, he is a very different pony now – he has his mother’s gentle nature. We will begin his breaking in when he is 3 and a half.

The Miniature Ponies and Horses

  • Pony Parties With Balloonaversal
    Miniature Pony – Jeremiah

    Jeremiah was the first Miniature Pony that we bought for the kids party business. I found him by chance in Chirnside Park in 2000 when I noticed a sign on a fence whilst I was driving past. I had some time so I thought ‘why not go and see’. Jeremiah was only 4 months old and was still with his mum. John Glenn the breeder showed me all his beautiful ponies and the foals for sale – needless to say I fell in love with the little black foal with the star on his forehead. I bought him that day.

  • Trick Pony - Tabitha
    Miniature Horse – Tabitha

    Tabitha was another one of John’s ponies from the Brageeta stud. He rang us around 6 months after we bought Jeremiah and said he had the perfect pony for us – and he wasn’t wrong. Tabitha is a real performing pony, a born star, born to be on stage. She’s beautiful and she knows it too. We consider Tabitha to be one of our smartest ponies, a very quick and willing learner and loves doing her tricks with such bravado. She is always the perfect choice for our Fairy Pony Parties where she gets to perform as a magical and need I say beautiful unicorn.

  • Childs Party With Milo The Pony
    Miniature Pony – Milo

    Milo is our smallest mini pony at only 79cm tall. He is on permanent loan from one of our friends who owns Greensborough and Epping Horseland Saddlery stores. Milo and another pony were rescued by Lisa in very poor condition. They well and truly recovered under Lisa’s expert care and attention, but being young and mischievous it was decided that they needed something to do, so Milo came to live with us and has been a perfect fit for Balloonaversal. The kids just love to brush his very long flowing mane, creating all sorts of fun hair styles. Now Milo has a dress up box which contains some beautiful custom made pieces just for fun.

  • Miniature Horse - Napoleon
    Miniature Horse – Napoleon

    Napoleon is Tabitha’s baby born a week earlier than Billy. Napoleon is a full Miniature Pony and is the splitting image of his mum and the complete opposite of Billy as a foal. Friendly and gentle, he was so small that you could pick him up and cuddle him. Napoleon has already begun learning some tricks and it seems he’s a chip off the old block inheriting his mum’s natural talent for performance, we’ll be training Napoleon to do the pantomime shows and the deluxe pony party shows too – everyone will love him.

  • Miniature Horse - Ollie
    Miniature Horse – Ollie

    Ollie is another pony from the Brageeta stud. We bought him as a yearling specifically so we could breed some ponies of our own. His stud name is Brageeta Every Step A Buckaroo, he has excellent bloodlines and an excellent temperament – another gentle, kind pony. We made the decision to have him gelded as he will be more useful to us as a pony that kids can ride and dress up – with his amazingly abundant mane, tail and forelock, he is absolutely adorable.