Kids Vintage Photo Shoot

Unicorn Photo Session

A wonderful opportunity awaits you to have your children beautifully photographed in a country setting with unicorns, ponies, cute vintage props and costumes on Sunday 1st October 2017 in Doreen, Melbourne’s North.  It’s a unicorn photo session!

This is more than just a photo shoot, this is a family experience, a ‘feel good day’ with unicorn rides at the end of your session, coffee van, jazz music and a mini ‘cottage industry’ market to browse around.

What little girl wouldn’t want to feel like a princess for the day and have her picture taken with a magical unicorn?

Beautiful Children’s Unicorn Photo Sessions

Unicorn photoshoot

Choose between our Standard Package or our Premium Package. Both offer incredible value.

Your little one(s) will be photographed in 4 beautiful and fun settings ready with hand picked props in vintage country theme.  All this at a private rural location just under an hour’s drive from Melbourne CBD.

We have a wonderful team of beautiful Miniature Ponies, Shetland and Welsh Mountain ponies perfectly groomed and prepared ready to make your photos extra special with their gentle natures and willingness to interact with their ‘co-hosts’.  Our ponies are well used to kids having plenty of experience at kids parties.   Plus a we will have a team of assistants ready to assist in your special photoshoot day.  You are going to have such amazing photos of your kids!  What a lovely Christmas present they would make for grandma and grandpa or distant friends and relatives.

The children are welcome to wear their own special clothing, the theme of the day is unicorns and country vintage.  If you don’t have costumes, no problem our costume designer has ready made sets available for boys and girls including plenty of accessories

We even have a stunning Christmas setting for you to have a family photo or just a photo of the kids to send off to friends and family as an additional upgrade.

These sessions are for ages 4 – 12.  A family group with mum, grandma or auntie, dad, grandpa or uncle is achievable.  This is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.  If you have young kids, please let us know as we would love to create a special day for pre-schoolers.

What’s would it cost for you to organise a day like this?

You only have to type in ‘unicorns’ into Google, Facebook or Pinterest to see how popular this unicorn photographic phenomenon is!

1. The Location

First you’d need just the right location (without the odd person popping up in the background).  This might be easy if you already have your own country property or a friend who has one, but remember movie makers employ location scouts for find sites with the right scenery.

2. Ponies and Unicorns

Then you would need your own beautifully prepared ponies or a friend’s and hopefully she would have a white ‘unicorn’.  But you could hire a pony ride company for that service, phoning around to see if they have white ponies, unicorn costumes and if they would spend the hour or two before the photo shoot washing and preparing the pony for you.

3. Props and Costume Pieces

Then you’d need some cute props to help create the setting making the images extra amazing.  You might have a few old wooden crates and other vintage items hiding away in your garage, if not, you can hire these and have them delivered.  Additional costuming with accessories is another extra.  Ask friends and family for these or get looking through mags or Pinterest for ideas and patterns to make them up yourself.

unicorn mini session4. Photographer

Then you’d need to hire a photographer, who will be fully equipped with all the right lighting bits and pieces to ensure no shadows on faces or squinting in the sunlight.

And all that for just one photo set – one scene.  Multiply this for different scenes.

A rough estimate to have some amazing, stunning, totally unique photo keepsakes of your little ones (while they are still cute and little) would have to be at least $750 – photographer, hiring a pony, hiring some set props (or making them), maybe even hiring a location. Plus the cost of photographs on top – up to $200 each, more for larger images.

This is truly an exclusive opportunity as there is no other complete service like this available at the prices we have managed to get for you.

Complete Your Day Out

Your fun day out doesn’t have to finish with your stunning photo shoot.  You’re within a 15 minute drive from Edendale Environment Community Farm in Eltham and the Eltham Lower Miniature Railway and there’s plenty of outstanding coffee shops, even wineries in the local area that are worth a visit.

This event is has been brought to you by Image Of You Photography, Sue McVeigh Photography, Pips Photo Props and Balloonaversal Entertainments Pony Parties

Vintage pony photoshootThe Packages

  • Standard Package – $255. Photoshoot in 4 different settings, plus access to costumes. One 5 x 7 print and FREE digital download of 8 of the session photos.
  • Premium Package – $360 includes the above plus Christmas Photoshoot and another 5 x 7 Christmas Photo print plus 2 additional FREE digital Christmas Photo downloads.
  • Both Packages will give you access to thumbnail, watermarked images of the whole session as a memento of the entire photo shoot. Additional images can be purchased later on.

If you’d like to go ahead and book in just select your session below.

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