March 19

Should I cancel my kids party because of the coronavirus?


Kids Parties and the Covid-19 – What To Do?

Cup Cakes are a great idea at the moment instead of a birthday cake

Wednesday 18th March 2020’s article in The Conversation by Hassan Vally titled “Should I cancel my wedding? My kid’s birthday party? Why the government has banned indoor gatherings of over 100 people” has some sound advice for mums and dads deliberating over their children’s planned birthday celebrations.

It’s going to be tough going making this decision because kids don’t always understand the adult world fully and some of these parties are age and milestone celebrations that you only get to do once.

With some extra info at hand, navigating the ‘How to still hold a safe kids party’ will be a whole lot clearer.  Here are some of the highlights from the article that we feel you will find useful:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Wednesday 18/3/2020 that social gatherings of 500+ people outdoors are now banned, as well as gatherings of 100 + people indoors.  Naturally this is going to affect family gatherings such as weddings, Christenings and birthday celebrations.  But there are some parameters to work with to still keep some kind of normality around our lives during this difficult time.

Indoor or Outdoor Event?

Altered by Balloonaversal 20/3/20 to latest government stipulations.

As respiratory viruses like COVID-19 are often spread by droplets coughed or sneezed from and infected persons.  “It is known that a single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets.  So having your party or event indoors – in still, un-circulated are in close proximity to lots of people is certainly NOT idea.  “If you’re outside, in addition to usually having more spacing between people, the air is more disturbed, and any droplets produced are more likely to be diluted” according to The Conversation.

And of course personal hygiene is vital and social distancing – hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, no handshaking, hugs or kisses when greeting friends or family 🙁

Here’s the full article in The Conversation if you would like to read it:

So it’s a YES to small parties and events (current as of 20/3/20)

Here is a useful inforgraphic to help you in deciding whether to continue with your planned birthday party or not, courtesy of The Conversation, but I had to updated it according to the latest Government requirements.  At the moment, it’s good news for the kids, so if you’re wanting to only invite just a handful of  besties and close family, get in now and have a quick and quiet celebration …. while you still can.

If you have any questions about an up and coming birthday or want to plan a small celebration, feel free to call us, we have some several party packages that would work well in outdoor settings that allow for social distancing including pony parties.  We’re here to help.

Stay well, stay safe during these crazy times.




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