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Design A Pony Party

Create the perfect  PREMIUM  Pony Party that's just right for your kid's age group, abilities and interests

How To Start The The Designing

Begin with:

  • 2 ponies
  • 2 party hosts
  • 2.5 hours
  • up to 18 children

This is your starting point, the base pakcage, then you design the rest by adding 3 - 4 of the available activities.

The pony rides and pony grooming are available throughout the whole 2:5 hours.

$975 Plus travel

More kids coming?

  • Add an extra half hour ($75) or carefully choose your activities.  We can assist you here.

The Base Package - more info

2 Beautiful Ponies

One pony for the kids to ride (dressed in a themed costume) and one sweet little miniature pony for the kids to groom and cuddle.

Dinosaur Pony Costume

Pony Costume Themes:  Unicorn, Princess, Super Hero, Cowboy/girl, Pirate, Dinosaur, Knight's Horse, Circus Pony, Christmas pony

2 Party Hosts

One party host to lead the kids on the ponies for rides the whole 2.5 hours, 3 - 5 rides each. The 2nd party host runs the games and activities.

Kids pony parties Melbourne
Games and Activities

Choose 3 or 4 Activities appropriate for the age group, accumulating up to 1:5 hours. This  leaves plenty of time for lots of pony rides.

Bubble Activity

Now Design The Rest of your PREMIUM Pony Party ...

Combine any 3 - 4 of the following activities, totaling no more than 1.5 hours in length.

Face Painting - 60 min

An all time favourite kids party activity and our face painting won't disappoint. Great designs, quality face paints, our team are skilled and trained.

For ages:  1 - 11

Balloon Twisting - 30 min

We make the kids super fun balloon party hats and can make up smaller designs too. Balloon Twisting is ALWAYS a popular choice.

For ages: 1 - 11

Colouring in & Craft Corner  - 2 hours

Looking for a nice quiet, calming activity for the kids to sit down at? Several horsey designs pages, pencils, plus stickers and stamps.

For ages: 3 - 7

Pony Leading Obstacle Course - 30 min

Kids take in turns leading a pony around/over the 6 obstacles.  You'll need a good size back yard for this activity.

For ages: 6 - 11

Balloon Games - 30 min

Pirate Sword Mutany, Balloon Stomp, Fly Swat Badminton ... Hey, we're Balloonaversal Entertainments - our balloon games are unique and FUN!

For ages: 3 - 7

Pirate Treasure Hunt - 15 min

An old parchment is discovered to be a lost pirate treasure map. Lots of fun hunting around the garden till we see 'X Marks the Spot', with a little 'digging' we then open the treasure chest ...

For ages: 4 - 9

Groovy Groom n Glamour - 45 min

2 ponies, lots of hair ties, ribbons, clips & bow plus an array of costumes for the ponies .... and then a fashion parade .... Grooooovy!

For ages:  5 - 11

Hobby Horse Relay Races - 15 min

4 gorgeous hand crafted hobby horses + relay race including an egg and spoon rely race. Pin on ribbons for all participants.

For ages: 6 - 11

Bubble Activities - 30 min

Large bubble wands, small bubble wands, straws and foam noodle blowers, our party host will have the kids engaged and having a bubble blast.

For ages: 1 - 11

Fairy Dancing, Ribbon Twirling & Music - 15 min

With music and lovely long twirling ribbons, off we go dancing around the garden like beautiful little fairies

For ages: 4 - 8

Party Games - 30 min

Party games suitable for the younger age group - Musical Statues, Parachute Game, Musical Chairs, Relay Race ... We have several games we can be played indoors or out.

For ages: 4 - 8

Lawn Games - 2 hours

Choose this if you'd like some activities that parents can get involved too, such as Horse Shoe Toss, Giant Connect 4, Giant Dominoes and more. Available for your guests for the 2 hours.

For ages: 1 - 11

Glitter Designs - 30 min

Beautiful and glittery, but simple face art designs using glitter and face paint stencils. Choose either this OR face painting, not both and not for the younger kids.

For ages: 6 - 11

Pin The Tail On The Pony - 15 min

Another all time favourite party game. We use a beautifully hand crafted felt board and offer Pin the Taiil on The Pony, a gorgeous game for both the boys and the girls.

For ages: 4 - 11

Planning Note:

Colouring In & Craft Corner and the Lawn Games activities (2.5 hour activities) are set up for the kids to access freely any time throughout the party duration, these two don't need to be added to the 1.5. hour activities total.  

Party Music:  If you don't have your own speakers and music and would like music throughout the party, choose either Party Games or Fairy Dancing, Ribbon Twirling & Music as we can set up party music for the duration of our visit. Sync your playlist or use ours.

Combination Ideas

Yes, we can work with you around themes such as the ever popular Unicorn theme.

Ages 3 - 6

Little Boy's Party

  • Pirate Treasure Hunt 15 min
  • Bubble Activities 30 min
  • Balloon Twisting 30 min
  • Colouring in/Craft Corner 2hrs
  • Super Hero Pony Costume

Ages 7 - 11

Girl's Unicorn Theme Party

  • Face Painting 60 min
  • Pony Leading Obstacle Course 30min
  • Pin the Horn on the Unicorn 15min
  • Fairy Dancing & Ribbon Twirling
  • Unicorn Pony Costume

The 3 Steps to Creating an Amazing Pony Party

  1. So remember, pick 3 to 4 activities adding up to 1:5 hour max - it doesn't have to be exactly 1:5 hours, just not over this length.
  2. Choose a pony costume theme
  3. Contact us for date availability

What Mums, Kids & Guests Are Saying About 'Design A Pony Party'

Kids Party Mum

Sophie Wood

Host mum

Michelle and her team were amazing!!! They were so fantastic with all the kids and tailored the package to suit the needs of my daughters party. She went above and beyond to help and made everything so easy. She truely made my daughters birthday the most magical day with her ponies and balloon animals ... and the rest. The ponies themselves were fantastic and so gentle and sweet. Thanks again to Michelle and her team.

Paul Simons


What an amazing party my daughter was invited to today!  Gosh how do we top that haha!.  Ponies, party games, brilliant face painting, dancing with long ribbons, it was full on and the two ladies had these kids enthralled the whole time.  Fantastic and well done team Balloonaversal!  I'm all in for a party like this.

Pony Hire Melbourne

Zoe Hatzis

Happy Birthday Child

Thank you Mrs Balloonatic for bringing Pip and Houdini to my party. They were so cute, I had 5 rides on Pip my unicorn. We loved all the fun games and especially the face painting. Bye.  Can you please come next year?

So It's Unanimous!

EVERYONE loves the Premium Design A Pony Party 

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Free Downloadable Party Invitations

These invitations download with blank spaces.  If you would like your invitation to be customised with your information, let us know, we can have this quickly done for you for $20.  You will get the file to print and send. 

Unicorns & Fairies
Fairy and unicorn pony party invite

Pink Unicorn
Unicorns and fairies party invite

Little Unicorn
Fairies and Unicorns pony party invite

Pirates & Mermaids
Pirate Pony Party invite

Little Riders
Riding Club pony party invite

Flower Cowgirl
Cowgirl pony party invite

Wild West cowgirl
Cowgirl pony party invite

Cowboy pony party invite

Pretty pony
Groom n Glam pony party invite

Circus pony party invite

Princesses & knights
Princesses & Knights pony party invite

my little pony
My Little Pony party invite