Little Riders Club -

Mini Equestrians

A fun equestrian training clinic for 6 to 11 year olds, location in Doreen

  • 3 hour experience
  • 18 vacancies per session
  • Handled trail riding  plus riding lessons - safe for children with no experience
  • Horsemastership  class - general knowledge, care, safety, pony handling, seasonal management, riding each month.
  • Mounted & unmounted games and equestrian activities.
  • Learning badge and club hat to pin on. Collect a new badge each session.
  • BOOK EARLY - $75


 3 hour equestrian training program for horse mad kids aged 6 - 11

Monthly clinic and also available for selected school holidays

If your kids are horse mad/animal mad, they are going to LOVE this alternative to the usual riding school experience, and you'll love the affordability. The Mini Equestrians is perfect as regular monthly lessons OR as an occasional activity.

The kids receive comprehensive, bite sized mini lessons in all manner of horsemanship each month, adding to their knowledge base and understanding. They'll receive a cute recognition badge to pin on to their Little Riders Club hat each time they attend.

Time in the saddle on hand led trail rides where the kids will also learn the basics of riding.  Mounted and unmounted games and activities are included. Time with the mini ponies is spent learning about grooming, leading, lunging, loading on a horse float - there will always be something new and exciting to learn and experience when it comes what life is like owning and managing ponies.

We will have plenty of team members there ready to assist the kids every step of the way, but allowing them as much freedom to do what they can by themselves. Michelle Patterson is the main instructor.

Photos will be taken of the entire day. We photograph every aspect and you'll receive a Dropbox link to all these photos.  You can expect around 10 images of each child.

Each child will receive a Little Riders Club hat to pin their learning badge on. If they become regular attenders, they will be adding a unique learning badge each time, if not they will have a useful memento of their experience.

Totally Immersive Pony Experience  |  Experienced Child Safe Ponies  |  Fun Guaranteed

Arrive 20 min early


So that we can start on time, Please ensure you arrive 20 min early. We'll need to get the kids registered, have waivers signed, fit riding helmets etc.

Bring Lunch & Snacks

Lunch break

Bring their lunch box and some snacks and a drink.  I'll have either picnic rugs or the common room in the barn. The kids will graze during the mid session..

Photos Included

Keep the memories

Because Balloonaversal are all about helping mums and dads create cherished family moments - usually through unforgettable kids parties, we will take a bunch of photos for you to keep and show to your family.

     my little girl was thrilled with the trail ride    

We LOVED going for the walk with our friends at the Little Riders Club.  Michelle's ponies were so beautiful and easy to lead, it was such a nice experience for me too.  What a fantastic idea.  We'll certainly be booking in again next time. My daughter hasn't stopped talking about her pony Annabelle.

We love you Little Riders Club!! xoxo

Anna Olson, Sienna's Mum

About us

Michelle & Jeremiah

The 'Little Riders Club - Mini Equestrians' is one of Balloonaversal Entertainment's favoured school holiday pony riding experiences for children age 7 - 12.  

Owning a pony of your own isn't always practical for many families.  The Little Riders Club provides a perfect experience to fill that void.  It also gives kids the opportunity to get outside and experience life on a farm, getting to know their pony pals.

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Placings are limited to 18 - 24 kids 


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Date:  Wed 10th July 2024

Time:  10:30am - 1:30pm

Great Value - How it stacks up

  • Trail Riding/Lessons  - $100
  • Fun mounted games & Activities - $60
  • Horsemastership, safety & responsibility - $180
  • Club hat and learning badges - $20

                                       $360 in Value

Happy Childhood Memories - PRICELESS

our location

We're located in Doreen, Melbourne's north - 'Girrahwheen' 105 Brocks Rd, Doreen

We are so excited to meet you and your family!  You're going to love meeting our 4 legged family.

School Holiday Program

A Balloonaversal Entertainments Program for Equine Education learning care and management of ponies and lessons in riding basics.

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