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Pony & Unicorn Parties in Melbourne

By asaavedra

August 13, 2012

Unforgettable Pony & Unicorn Parties and Pony Rides in Melbourne

Pony Rides

Balloonaversal’s pony party packages are always popular, and is it any wonder? We offer much more than a simple ‘ride on a pony’ party service. There’s something for everyone with Balloonaversal Pony Parties including our new range of UNICORN Pony Party Packages.  We cater for both boys and girls, toddler and older kids, basic parties to full on interactive ‘productions’ – we love to entertain – party success guaranteed!

As leaders in the world of pony parties, Balloonaversal is frequently copied – well what can I say, we must be a great inspiration! But really, this only drives us to continue producing the best quality pony party packages for you and your children.  Our promise to you is we will continue to come up with fresh ideas to keep your children thoroughly entertained because we know what’s important to you – an unforgettable birthday party experience and an effortless, stress free event that creates those lasting childhood family memories.

So with over 14 years of providing Melbourne families with awesome pony parties, you can feel totally confident your kids are in the best hands.  We know kids parties and we know how to run fabulous event – start to finish. In fact from the inquiry stage to the booking stage and the party on the day – it’s all easy for you.

We even offer a Money Back Guarantee  “100% Unforgettable Party For Your Child or Your Money Back!”   Click on the Pony Party Package boxes below for more info.

Pony Party Packages

Frequently Asked Questions About Pony Parties

Beautifully Trained, Beautiful Gentle Natured Ponies

How Much Work Do The Ponies Get?

For those of you interested in the welfare of party ponies, we consider our guys as our valuable ‘little business partners’. Everyone needs a good working environment, a good living environment and excellent ‘pay’. Not only that, everyone needs a holiday – time away from work! So, we have 16 ponies, who work on a roster, we also monitor them on party days for any signs of “I’m so over parties”. What any of us don’t want are grumpy little, over worked party ponies who go out weekend after weekend (and they are companies like that out there – so beware for you kids safety – we take this seriously).

One of the first comments we receive from parents, apart from ‘what a awesome party’ and ‘Can we have your business card?’ is ‘I can’t believe how placid & calm your ponies are!’  Thanks 🙂 We work hard to ensure this is the case.



  • Premium 1 

    The Ultimate Pony Party – $880 + Travel

    Party Fact Sheet

    Length of time: 2.5 hours
    Ages: 4 – 9 – Ponies of varying heights available
    No of Kids: 16 – approx 2 – 3 rides each
    No of Ponies: 2 (one for riding dressed in themed costume (princess, butterfly, carousel, super hero, cow-boy/cowgirl, dinosaur, knight’s horse), one mini for Pantomime show and then for grooming & dress ups
    No of Hosts: 2 (Fun colourful overalls perfect for a kids party)
    Fee: $880 + Travel

  • Premium 2 

    Adventure Themed Pony Party – $775 + Travel

    Party Fact Sheet

    Length of time: 2 hours
    Themes Available: Unicorns & Fairies, Groovy Groom n Glamour, Pirate, The Riding Club, Circus
    Ages: 4 – 9 – Ponies of varying heights available
    No of Kids: 16 – approx 2 – 3 rides each
    No of Ponies: 2 (one for riding dressed in themed costume, one mini for grooming & dress ups
    No of Hosts: 2 (dressed in theme)
    Fee: $775 + Travel

  • Premium 3

    Pony Pantomime Show – $550 + Travel

    Party Fact Sheet

    Length of time: 1 hour – 1:25 hours
    Ages: 4 – 9
    No of Kids: up to 30
    No of Ponies: 1
    No of Hosts: 1
    Fee: $550 + Travel











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