September 11


Parties for Teens & Adults

By asaavedra

September 11, 2012

Teenage Birthday Parties – Parties For Adults

Face Painting For Teens & AdultsBalloon Twisting & Face Painting isn’t always the first thought for entertainment when it comes to parties for teens and older, but … I got to tell you … they are fuuunnn.

16th Birthday Party Ideas, 18th Birthday Party Ideas or 21st Birthday Party Ideas – It’s a great Idea to have a Face Painter and or a Balloon Twister – and it certainly makes for wonderful party ideas for adults too.

The ‘oldies’ are more adventurous than the little kids. Our team mix well with all age groups and you find them to be real live wires, their fun and witty banter keeping everyone on their toes.

You can choose to have just the face painting, just the balloon twisting or a combination of both.

What works really well for the teens through to 21st birthday celebrations are the blacklight/UV paint parties – we paint amazing designs using UV paints, but watch them come to life under the blacklights. This is certainly a party activity to remember, and the photographs provide treasured memories.

And if you and some friends are heading out to a masquerade ball or a fancy dress party, call us for a small group price.

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