Little Riders Club


On a country property in Doreen - beautiful surroundings

  • 1.5 hour experience
  • Ponies hand led by the parents
  • BYO picnic back pack for a short break at halfway time
  • Grooming & Pony Dress Ups
  • A balloon creation for each child ... because we can
  • $60 per child - Ages 4 to 11


This is a guided 1.5 hour hand led trail riding experience on quiet kids party ponies

Mum or dad, you're involved too as you'll be leading your little one on our pony, so wear your walking shoes.  You'll go through beautiful pastures and woodland, possibly spotting kangaroos, wombats, echidnas and even our resident wedge tail eagles.

A great opportunity for family bonding time, or one on one time with your kids.  We'll capture your whole time together with beautiful photos that you get to keep.

You'll receive a Dropbox link to all the photos taken, expect around 20 images

Bring a small picnic backpack as well stop for a quick break and bite to eat.  The kids will get the opportunity to groom and dress up their ponies, before heading back to the barn where they will be able to feed their pony a thank you carrot - a pony's favourite treat!

And we have a parting gift for your little one - a special balloon creation ... just because we're Balloonaversal, and we can.

No busy crowds or queuing to park or get in  |  Peaceful & Tranquil  |  Nature & Ponies

Arrive 20 min early


So that we can start on time, We'll need to get you registered, have waivers signed, fit the riding helmet and do a quick 'how to lead your pony' demo. But, don't worry, we'll have an assistants on stand by if you need a hand during the trail ride.

Bring your picnic

snack & relax

Bring a back pack with some snacks and a drink.  I'll have some picnic rugs available. We'll stop for around 30 min, give the kids a break and a run around.  They'll get an opportunity to groom their ponies and play around with the pony dress up box.

Photos Included

Keep the memories

Because Balloonaversal are all about helping mums and dads create cherished family moments - usually through unforgettable kids parties, we will take a bunch of photos for you to keep and show to your family.

     my little girl was thrilled with the trail ride    

We LOVED going for the walk with our friends at the Little Riders Club.  Michelle's ponies were so beautiful and easy to lead, it was such a nice experience for me too.  What a fantastic idea.  We'll certainly be booking in again next time. My daughter hasn't stopped talking about her pony Annabelle.

We love you Little Riders Club!! xoxo

Anna Olson, Sienna's Mum

About us

Michelle & Jeremiah

The 'Little Riders Club Junior Trail Ride' is one of Balloonaversal Entertainment's favoured school holiday pony riding experiences for the younger children.  

With so many of us mums and dads looking for something fun to do to with our kids especially considering all that we have all been through in recent years with lockdowns, we decided that there was no better time than now to have some fun ... and some horsing around.

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Placings are limited to 12 'seats' or kids per session.  

Each child WILL require a confident parent or adult to lead the pony

$60 per child

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Date:  Saturday 16 September, 2023, 10am - 11:30am

Wednesday 20 September, 2023,  10am - 11:30am (booked out)

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Great Value - How it stacks up

  • Trail Ride (1 hour riding time) - $100
  • Cute Pony Balloon Creation - $10
  • Family Photos (approx 20) - $80

                                       $190 in Value

Cherished Family Memories  & Bonding Time - PRICELESS

Did we say you also receive a cute pony balloon creation to take home with you after your ride

 AND some beautiful photos of your whole experience together?

our location

We're located in Doreen, Melbourne's north - 'Girrahwheen' 105 Brocks Rd, Doreen

We are so excited to meet you and your family!  You're going to love meeting our 4 legged family.

Pony Trail Ride

A Balloonaversal Entertainments Program for Pony Fun, Pony Grooming, Pony Safety

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