Henna Art Parties

Henna Art Beautiful Henna Art

The beautiful orange to brown tones of Henna Art is made from the leaves of a small flowering plant.  It’s leaves are dried and ground into a powder and is then turned into a paste, applied to the skin and left to dry.  The skin is stained temporarily, a form of temporary tattoos and will fade over time – 1 to 2 weeks.


Kid’s Henna Alternative

Henna is not considered suitable for young children, we recommended henna for 16 years of age and up.  Our lovely party host Nikki does use natural henna, not the chemical enhanced ‘Black Henna’ which has the notorious issues.  For children’s birthday parties, we use brown face paint instead, which is perfectly safe for kids and sensitive skin and will wash off instantly.


Henna and Bollywood Dancing

Once the kids have their beautiful ‘Henna’ (brown face paint) designs on their hands, Nikki will help them dress up in the beautiful Indian garments and scarves ready to lean some traditional Indian dance steps made popular in many Bollywood movies.

Lots of glamour, fun, giggles, hindi music and dancing.

1.5 hour party, suits up to 15 girls – $275