Fundraising For Pony Rugs

Support Needed For A Local Business

Unprecedented times, the Covidvirus caught the whole world out!  It wouldn’t have mattered how well you marketed your business, how much time and effort you put in to ensuring you had great party packages, excellent customer care and service or a fantastic marketing machine to ensure you had plenty of business for your family and team …. All gone in literally a blink of an eye.

But business owners still have to continue with the upkeep of their businesses and for us it’s our ponies, they are a VERY big part of our business and our life.  They are our pets, our friends, our kids ponies and our very own therapy ponies … for when life throws lemons.

Sadly we have already had to find new homes for some of our ponies, last year because of the drought – Barnabus and Trinket were especially hard to say goodbye to.  And over the last couple of months, 3 more ponies either made their way back to their owners or we sold on.

We have a core group of 14 ponies – 6 Miniatures, 5 Shetlands and 3 Welsh Mountains and a lovely group of local families who have ‘adopted’ the ponies during these quiet ‘covid’ months.  This has proven a blessing for many of them, providing an opportunity to get out of the house and also learn about ponies and experience pony ownership without the big expense. And it’s been great for us too to have some assistance with their care and some additional income to pay for feed and regular maintenance.

14 Ponies Need Winter Rugs

But there’s also rugs for the ponies! All the pony’s current rugs are in a state of disrepair!  I was going to purchase new rugs a year and a half ago, but opted to have them patched up for another season (and that was 40 rugs lol).  Some of those rugs are still in use …. and some are definitely not.

Because we are not able to work at the moment, I’m putting it out there to our greater community that I could really do with your help – I’ve started a fundraising campaign to purchase the next lot of rugs for my ponies.

Here’s What The Ponies Need:

  •  1 unlined canvas rug and neck rug (good for autumn and spring when the weather is fickle and we don’t want the ponies too hot, but need to keep them clean).
  • 1 Cotton summer combo (these are used in summer to keep the ponies coats from bleaching, protecting from flies and mozzies, and as a clean rug/under rug straight after they have been washed for weekend parties).
  • 1 Synthetic Winter Rug (for winter, similar to the rugs in the pictures)
  • 1 Stable rug and neck rug (for added warmth, these are not water resistant and act as a 2nd layer for the coldest of winter weather, or we use them for traveling in the horse float to parties and events).   I actually have the materials to make these and have asked my local rug maker is she would use my base materials and use her bindings, leg straps, chest straps etc just to save some cost, she said ‘sure no problem’.

How Much We Are Fundraising For

The estimated cost for all these is $5460 (I should get the quote in on Friday 15/5/20) and will be purchasing from a local saddlery who makes the rugs on site.  I decided that supporting another local business will be a good thing for our economy.  18 months ago I was considering buying in bulk from China, way cheaper …. but I’d rather support our own right at this moment thank you.

How To Send Your Support

So if you’re able and willing to support a local business (essentially 2), any kind of a donation … ANYTHING at all would be enormously appreciated, I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me.  I have started a Go Fund Me page, here is the link to donate :

So a BIG thanks and HUG in advance 🙂

When we hit our goal and are able to purchase the new rugs, I will post video of the unpacking and fitting of the rugs on all our ponies as a big thank you.

Check Out These Sad Ponies in Their Sad Sad Rugs

Some of our gorgeous ponies in their … not so gorgeous rugs that are only just hanging in there.  Starting from the left – Ollie. Pally, Megs, Annabelle and Nikki.