Balloonaversal GIFTCARDS




Moments are precious, it’s like the “time went still” moment while you look at your son beaming with delight as he sees his birthday cake. The priceless moment of gathering together and laughing over silly little things. These moments are rare and we treasure them in our hearts. But those moments are hard to create these days, it’s hard to get to places and celebrate and so.

Good thing there are a lot of things technology can do today! You can send messages, talk on Facetime, connect through Facebook and many more. You can even send gift cards online! Here’s how you can do that:

As part of our promo, we are launching the Balloonaversal GIFTCARDS! You can send Gift cards from anywhere you are and send your love!



How to purchase?

1.Fill in the forms below to purchase our giftcards.

2. Proceed to payment once invoice is received.

3. Once payments are settled:

a. send a copy of your remittance to

b.  you will receive a validated downloadable virtual Giftcard with your receipt.

EASY! Right?


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