Ponies At Home & At Play

kids party poniesWe love ponies and I know our ponies have lots and lots of fans out there who love them too, so I have put together a collection of my favourite pictures of our ponies just being themselves at home when they are not doing kids parties.

I know I can come home quite exhausted from being in the ‘spotlight’ and I’m sure the ponies do to.  That’s why it is essential that I have several ponies to rely on – not the same, tired, grumpy ponies going out week after week – and don’t tell me that they don’t get tired of work – they need a break just as much as we do.

They all get holiday time – several weeks, if not months off work, rugs off where they are free to roll in the dirt, kick up their feet and get fat on lovely green pasture.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Feel free to make comments on your favourite pony or favourite picture, ask us questions about the ponies or about pony care and please share with your friends.  Remember to ‘Like’ Balloonaversal on Facebook too.