Pony Rides

Balloonaversal’s Pony Rides and Pony Entertainment Packages – “so much more than just pony rides”!

Pony Ride

Pony Rides for Community & Family Events

A Pony Ride for the kids is always a popular attraction at community events or a family fun day … so naturally you’ll want to include this at your event.

Our gorgeous well kept ponies come in varying heights – larger ponies for the older kids, cute little ones for the little kids so they feel safe.

Pony Hire – The Professional Team

Balloonaversal Pony Rides offers your organisation:

  • A Smart Looking Set Up
  • Smiley & Experienced Staff
  • Gorgeous, Well Mannered Ponies

… All designed to leave your guests with a positive impression of the event they just attended.

More Pony Entertainment

And There’s More … not only do we offer an exceptional pony ride service, we do supply other forms of pony entertainment that you may not have considered.

  • The Groovy Groomers Pony Team – a very cute package that compliments the pony rides
  • The Pony Pantomime Show – a 45 min highly entertaining show with a trick pony, performed on stage
  • Roving Meet and Greet performing mini ponies – perfect for Aged Care visits too

Check out the details of each package (click on the pink bars to the right)

And remember, Balloonaversal will happily do a package deal on grouped entertainment – saving you a little bit of your time.

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Pony Rides

Pony Hire - Book Beautiful, Calm Ponies

Pony Rides are always a favourite at any family or community event.  Our fun Pony Ride package offer children the chance to ride on of our child-friendly ponies - all having had plenty of experience with young children.

• We have ponies ranging in height to cater for the older kids
• We have perfected a system to ensure maximum rides and min waiting times.
• Our team of both ponies and handlers are exceptionally well presented.
• All handlers are friendly, smiley and helpful.
• Our aim is to make your event even better with our exceptional service

Balloonaversal go to the extra trouble to create a professional set up which includes a marquee for all weather, colourful bunting to mark out a safe & separate area, 'Pony Ride' signage and flags to increase visibility making it easily to site the pony ride area.

Packages start at:
2 ponies, 2 handlers, 2 hours - $400
Each additional hour - $70 (per pony/handler)
Additional Pony/handler (max 4) - $70 per hour

Tel: (03) 8669 1303 or Online enquiry form

Pony Pantomime Show

Balloonaversal’s unique and exciting pony pantomime show is a crowd favourite.

At Ballonaversal we understand the need for diversity in entertainment for family friendly events, and that’s why we offer something as unique and adventurous as the Pony Pantomime Show. It’s a full on, fun and innovative show that is always gets a giggle, and features our famous performing miniature pony! Perfect for pet expos or family fun days this is one seriously cute show not to be left off your entertainment calendar.

In ‘Jeremiah Goes on Holiday’ Mrs Balloonatic and her cute little pony have the kids enchanted for the entire 45 show. This is a fun-filled, professionally presented play that will delight children and adults alike. Combining audience participation with a mix of magic, music, singing and dancing – and, of course, the amazing performing pony – it is packed with laughs from the moment it opens.

Having performed at community events, parties, family fun days and other such occasions over the last 10 years, Mrs Balloonatic and her beautiful pony will bring any event to life with this truly superb show.

Package starts at:
45 min show - $600
Includes backdrop, props & music. Can supply own P.A system.

Tel: (03) 8669 1303 or Online enquiry form

Groovy Groomers Pony Team

The Groovy Groomers Pony Team is a perfect addition to any event where queues can be long.

With the group activity element incorporated, queues are practically non-existent for the pony grooming, even at the bigger events.

The Groovy Groomers is that ‘something different’ that event organisers are always looking for.
• 3 Very Cute Mini Ponies
• 1 Attendant
• A Big Box of Brushes, Hair Ties, Clips, Ribbons
• Box of Pony Dress Ups
• Enclosure and Marquee

This been a real hit, the kids love it, mums and dads love it, event organisers love it; and yes the ponies don't mind being pampered either. Ponies happily much through hay bag throughout the day as our experienced attendant supervises the kids and the equipment.

For extra fun, we also include a colourful photo point for parents to take a snap shot - happy memories from the day at your event.

Package starts at:
3 ponies, 1 attendant, 2 hours - $400
Each additional hour - $70

Tel: (03) 8669 1303 or Online enquiry form

Roving Trick Pony

Greet Customers or Crowds with a Trick Pony

A Roving Pony & Character – Now that’s something unusual! And not only that, it's really cute and gets a great response from the public too.

Give your crowds a treat at your next function or event with our gorgeous trick trained miniature pons and character.
• Christmas Elf & a friendly 'reindeer'
• A jockey who runs faster that his 'race horse'
• Lady in a Pink dress & pony with bow tie

Roving Entertainment at it’s … cuteness! The ponies (and handlers/characters) have perfect manners, smiling for cameras, taking a bow, waving good bye and of course accepting lots of pats and smiles from happy on-lookers.

Our little ponies are lots of fun and perfect for Aged Care Facilities - bring back fond memories of a by-gone-era and Special Development Schools where touch and feel are so very important. “Indoors or out, we’re happy to walk-about”.

Packages start at:
$150 per 45 min set. Min of two sets.

Tel: (03) 8669 1303 or Online enquiry form

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