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Balloonaversal Entertainments is your premier team of kids’ party entertainers in and around Melbourne. We offer a wide range of extraordinary entertainment for children and young adults, and face painting happens to be one of our specialties. Here’s a brief look at our face painting expertise, and how we can turn your child’s next birthday party into a magical event they won’t soon forget!

About Balloonaversal Face Painting

Balloonaversal’s face painting entertainment services are just a part of our complete offering, which also includes amazing advanced balloon twisting, wonderfully clever magicians and of courseour well-loved pony rides and pony party services. Our face painters spend most of party painting the faces of your child and their friends – and perhaps some of the grown-ups, too, then finish up with balloon twisting!Wow! How can you beat that for kids party value?

The Face Painting Designs We use

Naturally, the face painting designs we use at your child’s party will depend on the chosen party theme and then what the kids ask for. The Butterfly Face Paintingdesigns we use cover most of today’s most popular party themes, including superheroes, Disney princesses, jungle/zoo themes, and popular cartoons, as well as whatever is new on kids TV or Movies for kids.

To give you an idea, little girls love to have butterflies or fairies with beautiful shimmery patterns and plenty of sparkles, and other pretty designs painted on their faces. Little boys on the other hand prefer superhero masks and animal faces or scary zombie faces. Kids’ preferences for face painting designs change as they get older, but don’t worry – we have those covered!

(For more information on the face painting designs we use, visit our Face Painting page)

Our Training And Experience

Our face painting expertise had its humble beginnings in 1999, when Michelle Patterson underwent her initial training in the UK with renown face painter Liz Bylett from Follies Faces in Kent.Michelle became hooked and furthered her training with her husband Peter Patterson in the following years, training under some of the best face and body painters in the world. Since then, they’ve taken the knowledge and wisdom – and the desire to make children smile – and formed one of the most beloved kids’ entertainment offerings in and around Melbourne.

Face Painting With The Wolfe Brothers

Face Paint Training With Nick & Brian Wolfe

Some of our world-renowned face and body painting mentors include Mark Reid and the Wolfe Brothers of the USA, Geneviève Jinny Houle of Canada, and Olivier Zegers of Belgium.

Peter and Michelle personally train their own growing team of talented and enthusiastic entertainers in both the fine art of face painting, balloon twisting and hosting kids parties, to ensure their customers are always enthralled with their party and entertainment experience.

Contact Us Today!

It is our greatest pleasure to make your child’s next party an event to remember for the rest of their life. If you’d like to hire our face painting services for an upcoming occasion be it a childrens party or a company or community event, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to contact us today by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Face Painters Create An Unforgettable Kids’ Party

Want An Unforgettable Kids’ Party? Then Hire A Face Painter!


Want your child’s next birthday party to be one they’ll never forget? Then organize a face painter for the party entertainment! Having face painters at hand can add a new dimension to any party for any age – one filled with color, creativity, smiles, and laughter.

What Is A Face Painter?

A face painter is basically a skilled artist with specific training in makeup and painting faces. They’re always a hit at kids’ parties and other events involving children, transforming them into whatever they want to be – pirates, princesses, superheroes, animals, and more! The human face as a canvas is different to anything else and does take practice and patience to learn face painting designs that suit.

Face painting designs range from creative swirls and flourishes around the eyes and forehead, to cute artwork on the cheeks, to amazing masks or full face animals and superhero characters. The kids get to choose, too!

When choosing a face painter, look for a good track record, lots of experience, safe water-based, quality paints, and a winning attitude. Face painters need Untitled-2to have a Working With Children’s Check (WWCC), so be sure to ask for them when you do your interviews.

How Face Painters Spice Up A Kids’ Party

Having a face painting artist or two at your child’s birthday party will be enough to keep them and their friends Happy-As-Larry. Ask the artist to arrive at the party venue early so the all faces are done – the rest of the party will be more enjoyable and magical for the kids.

An experienced face painter will be able to work with almost any party theme. Whether your child wants to be a Disney Princess, a swashbuckling pirate, a Marvel superhero, a cartoon character, or a fierce jungle animal… if the painter has it in their portfolio, they can paint it on a kid’s face! And choosing an artist with the experience in a multitude of designs and artistic flair will give everything that ‘wow’ value.

Often you will be able to include party games and even balloon twisting, another party favourite with kids, so be sure to ask if they can provide something extra for the party.

How To Save Money On Face Painters

While face painters are quite affordable on their own, you can save even more money by hiring a complete team of kids’ entertainers from one company – getting a ‘package deal’ on face painting, balloon twisting, magic show, pony rides, party games etc. There are also very talented individuals out there that can even multi skill, providing you with two or three of those services, thus saving you further money – and of course time organizing it all. Going this route certainly makes for an even livelier party.

Some kids’ party entertainment companies center around certain themes, and these are often the most experienced ones out there. Popular entertainment themes will include companies that specialize in pony rides, balloon twisting, face painting, and other themes involving animals.

Find A Kids’ Party Entertainment Team Today!

Face-PainterBalloonaversal Entertainments has a wonderful team of fun and enthusiastic entertainers that include face painters, balloon twisters and magicians. We also offer pony rides on a variety of different sized ponies and provide the additional benefit of top quality face painting, amazing balloon twisting, bubbles and pony dress ups. Our fun pony themes will amaze you too as will our performing mini pony pantomime show or performing Unicorn. If you’re planning a kids party or company event, let us make the whole process easy for you from start to finish, we’re your team – contact us at ___ today!

Choosing A Good Face Painter

How To Choose A Good Face Painter For Kids’ Parties

Thinking of ways to spice up your child’s next birthday party? Then consider hiring a good face painter or two. Face painting lends a whole new dimension to any kids’ party – a party your little one and their friends won’t soon forget!

What Are Face Painters?

Butterfly-Face-PaintingFace painters are skilled artists who specialize in painting the faces of children at parties and events. And it is a specialty skill. Good Face painters undertake specific training and require a Working With Children’s Police Check as well as Public Liability to practice their craft as they work.

Good Face painters also specialize in almost any kind of party theme you can think of. They can paint amazing animal faces, cute cartoon faces, pretty girly designs, superhero character faces, and so on. And the best part? The kids get to choose what they want painted – a good face painting artist will be able to paint anything the children ask for – within reason and time frame of course.

The Advantages Of Having A Face Painter At Your Party

Face painting is always a fun additions to any kids’ party entertainment package. While many face painters work on their own and find their own gigs, others work with entertainment groups as a part of a bigger, more comprehensive kids’ entertainment package.

No matter how you source them, face painters are an unquestionably an affordable way to add a welcome dose of fun, laughter, color, and creativity to any kids’ party. The party games will be more animated, the kids will be more occupied … and the photos will certainly be more memorable.

How To Choose A Good Face Painter

As mentioned before, good face painting artists will have a WWCC and Public Liability and will have an Australian Business

Face Painter have lots of designs

Kids Get To Choose Face Painters Design

Number to legitimately practice their craft at paying jobs. You’ll want to deal with someone who takes their business seriously and not as some part time hobby. It also helps to know that the face painter has had LOTS of kids party experience under their belt.

Feel free to phone a few face painters and interview them. Ask to see their portfolio and photos of their previous work. Ask them how long they have been painting and how long they’ve been in business as this is an indication of not just their artistic skill level, which you do want to be of great quality (remember the photos), but also their skill and experience in handling a group of excited kids – who will be in your house.This is absolutely one skill you should be looking for in an entertainer. Good face painting is one thing, keeping the kids engaged is another.

Some face painters often have a book of face painting designs, grouped into categories or themes, which gathers the kids around for quite some time as the pour over the designs trying to decide what to be. Some don’t use a book and just use their creativity and experience.The latter is often the best as any decent artist will always slightly alter the design to suit the child’s face shape, hair cut and colours they are wearing.It’s almost like the kids having their own personal stylist or make up artist.

Other Things To Remember

Also, be sure to ask about the type of face paints the entertainer uses. Make sure they are safe, non-toxic, water based paint – most people will be using the proper materials. The ‘cake’ type face painting product in the round pats are generally preferred over the liquid type paints.

You may also want to ask your potential candidate to avoid using grease paint (the long wearing theatrical make up that resists sweat under hot stage lighting) and grease sticks as they can be hard to wash off the skin and clothing. As a general rule, face paints for kids should be easily washed off with water and some mild soap.

Hire A Great Face Painter Today!

Face Painters do quick designs

Big Parties – Quick & Beautiful 2 min Faces

This is one of the cheapest ways to add color, laughter and creativity to any child’s party. If you live in Melbourne, and you’re looking for a face painter who can make your child’s next birthday one they’ll never forget, where everyone has fun, visit our face painters page on our website.