Unicorn Pony Parties

Unicorn Pony Parties – Is There Any Other Choice?

Unicorns are THE in thing right now. OMGosh! The number of inquiries we are receiving for Unicorns is off the charts.

Unicorn pony parties have always been a very popular choice at Balloonaversal, making up 67% of all pony party themes, but we have seen a huge increase in popularity over the last 12 months.

And unicorn hire in Melbourne is not just limited to kids parties. The bookings keep rolling in for 21st birthdays, weddings, market days, business promotions and unicorn photo sessions. Have you Googled unicorn photography or unicorn hire or unicorn pony party lately? Because 100s are.

Go through the dozens and dozens of stunning kids photos with these amazing mythical creatures on Pinterest Then you’ll see another reason why unicorns are so popular. Like which child (or adult for that matter) wouldn’t want a their picture taken with a beautiful, magical horned pony or horse?

Where does this Unicorn craze come from? According to a recent article in FastCompany.com, “Unicorns represent every happy dream you every had as a child, and this is useful when you’re living in an age where things are darker and scarier than you’d like”. Unicorns take many of us back to our childhood. The director of a cosmetic company who has released a makeup range called the Unicorn Glow collection believes our recent fascination in unicorns has everything to do with nostalgia.

Our perception of glittery, rainbow living, cute unicorns was inspired in part by Lisa Frank, the 90’s popular designer of neon coloured school supplies, soft toys and stickers. The still very popular My Little Pony which began in 1981 and also includes unicorn characters, has many now in their 20s and even 30s who will have played with these as kids.

We see companies cashing in on the trend with many products selling out within hours of going on sale. It seems all you need to do is put a unicorn spin on a product and watch it go. There are so many other products under the unicorn banner it’s dazzling. An array of unicorn food like psychedelic coloured “unicorn toast”, cup cakes, macarons even coffee.

Go to Amazon, eBay and Etsy and the product list range goes on and on – sticky tape and tape dispensers, cookie cutters slippers, slippers, socks, soap, umbrellas, mugs … virtually anything you can think of.

Unicorns have been fascinating people for centuries, but did they ever exist? Most likely not, at least not as how we see them depicted today. The very first written account of unicorns comes from the Book of Job in the bible where it refers a “wild ox” (King James Version 1611). Other versions translates the Hebrew word for this creature which means “one-horned animal”. It’s interesting to note that in Gods conversation with Job, He describes this animal in context of other familiar animals, like peacocks, lambs, lions, bullocks, goats, donkeys, horses, dogs, eagles, and calves (Job 39:9–12).1

God then reminds Job of the characteristics of several impressive animals. Job would have had to be familiar with the animals God describes for the illustration to be effective. God points out in Job 39:9–12 that the unicorn, ““whose strength is great”,” is useless for agricultural work, refusing to serve man or ““harrow (plow) the valley”.” An imaginary fantasy animal would have defeated the purpose of God’s illustration.

Other recorded written accounts of unicorns existing come from a 4th century BCE Greek physician Ctesias of Cndus who served the Persian kin Artaxerxes II and wrote several books about Persia and India. During his time in Persia, he heard stories of single-horned “wild ass” roaming the eastern part of the world and described these creatures as “large as horses” with white bodies, red heads, blue eyes and about a foot a and half long horns.  He claimed that they were so swift and powerful, that “no creature, neither the horse or any other could over take it.”  He was most likely describing the single horned Indian rhinoceros that proliferated that area.

Other well known people throughout history also recount their own unicorn sightings. Marco Polo called them “ugly brutes”. Pliny the Elder a Roman scholar of the first century and celebrated author of Natural History made reference to several legendary animals. And it is said that Genghis Khan decided not to invade India after observing such creature.

In more modern times and, one of my favourite unicorn ‘encounters’ is when I discovered this most amazing photographic book called Unicorns I Have Know, by photographer Robert Vavra printed in 1983. With chapters headed Unicorns of the Forest, Unicorns of the Desert, Unicorns of the Snow, Unicorns of the Sea and contained the most mesmerising photos of stunning white Andalusian horses with such lifelike horns I was almost convinced that they really do exist.

The unicorn mentioned in these ancient texts talked of a powerful animal possessing one or two strong horns and is most probably the fantasy animal that has been popularized in movies and books. Whatever it was, it is now likely extinct like many other animals. Modern day fads (unicorn cosmetics) come and go, but I have not doubt that unicorn pony parties will always be popular with little girls.
Real Or Not, we love unicorns, especially children.

If you’re planning a kids birthday party, you can go unicorn theme till the … unicorns come home. But keeping with the basics will give your a party experience your child will never forget. Here are the essentials for a totally dedicated unicorn theme:

▪ A unicorn birthday cake
▪ Unicorn cooky cut fairy bread
▪ Unicorn cup cakes
▪ Unicorn head bands
▪ Unicorn tails
▪ Unicorn party supplies – paper plates, cups, napkins and table covers
▪ Unicorn helium foil balloons
▪ Game – ‘Pin the horn on the unicorn’

And last, but certainly not least and in my opinion totally necessary

Hire a real unicorn for unicorn rides and photography …

Just to prove that after all, Unicorns are real magical creatures indeed.


For more information on Unicorn Hire in Melbourne for your child’s birthday party, please fill in our inquiry form rather than placing your expression on interest in the comments section below – we want to respond to you sooner rather than later.











Pony Rides Every Weekend

Pony Rides

Great News for any parent of pony mad kids!  Not ready to jump in and buy your totally horse smitten child a pony yet?  Having a Balloonaversal pony party once a year isn’t fulfilling a horsy fix often enough for the addicted one?  Then we may have a solution.

The Balloonaversal ponies and team will be at the Edendale Community Environment Farm every Saturday from 10am – 3pm (weather permitting).  Kids can also get their face painted by a Balloonaversal team member too.

Visit A Farm With The Kids

Edendale Farm Sheep

Sheep under the blossom tree

Edendale is a great place to take the kids out to and there’s always plenty to see and do.  Baby goats were born this September and are such a joy to watch their antics, pat the resident guinea pigs, visit the chooks and sheep or try your hand at milking a cow – it’s a pretend cow, but the kids love this activity.  The farm’s opening hours are 9am – 4pm and is situated at Gastons Rd, Eltham.

Visit the native plant nursery and bring some new plants home to fill that bare patch in your garden, or buy some vegetable seedlings and grow your own veggies.

Eden Cafe

Eden Cafe and Veggie Garden

Lovely Farm Cafe – Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea

Eden Cafe with its pretty outdoor setting is a great place to sit, relax and enjoy a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. And for all us tea connoisseurs – tea is served in fine bone china teapots with fine bone china tea cups and saucers to compliment.

Kids Parties At The Farm – A Great Choice

Children’s parties can be booked in one of the two gazebos.  There’s plenty of space to run and play and the kids and parents will love a guided farm tour, so make sure you book that in.  Contact Edendale on  9439 3711 or visit here for prices and packages.

Balloonaversal Pony Rides On Saturdays

Pony rides are $5 for 1 ride around the paddock or 3 times around the paddock for $10.  For parties booked at Edendale on Saturdays, you can line up with the general public for pony rides or pre-book your own pony for a 45 min session which is $130 and can be booked by calling Balloonaversal on 8669 1303.

Kids Party Venue

Edendale Farm – A great kids’ party venue


Music And Your Child’s Development

parenting music and child developement As the mother of a two year old, I am always looking for activities that encourage learning and development. I find that most of the activities we do together that result in learning are purely by coincidence and luck and not by any skill or training I have.

Wiggles Trump Keith Urban

As of late, my son has shown a real passion for music. He has even begun to differentiate between styles of music he likes and dislikes and his preferences seem to be Contemporary Christian music and Country (Keith Urban).  Of course both of those fall behind any song produced by The Wiggles! But I digress. The point is, he is drawn to music and feels the need to express himself in many ways when he hears it.

Music Helps To Develop Many Life Skills

For example, he has learned different dance moves from the television characters on his favourite programs, as well as from good old mum and dad. He recreates those moves into his own little dance routine whenever he hears a song he likes, even in the car. He is using his creativity and memory to express himself, which I believe is helping build his character. It’s so cute when he tries to sing as well, more like hum. But this is another form of expression and he’s increasing his vocabulary by wanting to say the right words. He claps to the music and tries his best to keep a rhythm. These are all amazing skills that he is learning and using in his own individual way. I’ve found this is such a breakthrough age where children begin to graduate from simply imitating to combining what they know in ways to interact with the world around them.

These activities are encouraging many facets of development: physical (clapping, stomping, other dance motions) social (a way for him to interact with those around him) cognitive (he is bridging pathways from what he’s learned to how he wants to use the information to express his own personality); emotional (a definite sense of pride accompanies all forms of learning in children).

 Look For Opportunities To Play Music

If your child enjoys music, you can encourage them by making music readily available for them without having to spend a fortune. I would guess they already have toysMusic developes children that make music. A lot of books play music as well. Even just turning on the radio throughout the day and finding a station that is suitable for you both can be a very rewarding experience. Whether your child is hearing music on the television, radio, or directly from an instrument you are playing, he/she has so many opportunities for learning. Capture those moments and make the most of them, they all go towards creating wonderful memory vaults not only for your children but for yourself as well.

And of course, remember to include music in any kids parties you organise, you’ll be bound to add an extra dimension to the atmosphere (but that’s another article).  Click here for kids party entertainment which includes music.

Pony Profile: Barnabus

My Little Pony Barnabus

Barnabus, the perfect My Little Pony

Could this be a real life ‘My Little Pony’? Barnabus, (because he’s built like a barn or a bus) is often seen at children’s birthday parties as his alter ego Starbeam (My Little Pony character). He’s a top favourite with the kids, especially with children aged 3 – 6.

His small stocky stature, his slow calm walk, and his gentle kind expression seem to give even the most nervous child a feeling of confidence. I often think this is more so in winter as

My Little Pony Barnabus

The little kids adore Barnabus’ kind gentle nature

his long fluffy winter coat makes him look a lot like a big teddy bear, and who doesn’t love their teddy?

Barnabus has such a wonderful generous nature and seems to genuinely enjoy the children being around him. He is always so calm and patient while they get on or off, stop to pat his face, give him a kiss on the nose or pick up a brush to groom him – he’s happy for the love and attention.

But it wasn’t always this way

Barnabus Before Balloonaversal

Barnabus was given to us several years ago by our then neighbor Danielle who named him Trevor. Danielle acquired him through another neighbour and kept him as a paddock friend for her beautiful Warmblood mare.

When Barnabus came into our care we were told that he had had an abusive background and hadn’t been well looked after. That seemed to be true. Although he was in good condition health wise by then, he was still a rather distant non-connected little fellow and was quite nervous around any kind of noise or activity.

Barnabus’ Four Legged Feud
pony party pony

Mal and Barnabus didn’t like each other in the beginning

And he didn’t make friends easily with the other ponies either, aggressively warding them off, even challenging Mal our large dapple grey pony who was head of the herd at the time.

There were a few battles for dominance in those early days. I recall one particular occasion where Barnabus bested Mal, leaving the on watching herd ‘speechless’. It was at that point that Jeremiah, my meek and mild little miniature performing pony decided he did not like Barnabus at all. He just up run, sneaking up behind Barnabus while he wasn’t looking and bit him on the rump, running off as quick as he came before he copped a kick. It was quite an amusing scene but so out of Jeremiah’s character. It took a couple of years before those two became friends.

The Training Of A Pony Ride Pony

I gave little Barnabus time to settle in, then began the slow re-training process. I wanted to start Barnabus as if he were a young unbroken pony.

‘Unbroken’ is the term use to describe a horse or a pony who has not been trained to carry a rider or pull a carriage. ‘Breaking in’ is the term for this process and is not a harsh cruel process as the word ‘broken’ or ‘breaking’ would imply.

Lunging a pony

An example of a pony on a lunge rein

So Barnabus was introduced to the lunge first and learned the voice commands for whoa (stop), walk and trot. We didn’t bother with canter as he really wasn’t an energetic pony. I have found lunging is a great place to start when building trust with horses and ponies as it can create a clear communication path without the extra worry of having a rider on their back. When a horse understands what it is that you are asking they are nearly always very happy to give their all and this was true of Barnabus too. Within a week he was showing off of the lunge, being attentive to everything asked of him and thus began his trust in people.


Barnabus’s first party

Over the months we worked on introducing noise and activity to his lessons. Barnabus gained much confidence in himself and within 6 months I took him successfully out to his very first ‘gig’ … a My Little Pony party and he was a little champ and has been ever since.

A Loved Member Of The Family
Riding a pony to school

Tobias grade 1 rides to school

Over the years he as also proven to be a wonderful little pony to teach beginner children to ride, teaching my two boys when they were five or six years of age. Tobias on occasion, riding him to school and he is still Asher’s pick of the pack.

Balloonaversal pony parties

Asher on Nikki, Zac on Barnabus, Tobias on Buttons

Barnabus is around 19 years old now, but still has plenty of energy and still enjoys his job. Oh, and he has lots of pony friends now with Nikki being his bestie. You can read more about Nikki here.


Tobias grade 4, too big for Barnabus now, but still loves him dearly

If you’d love to have a My Little Pony party for your little girl, please visit this page to find out more Costume Pony Party Packages, or simply call us on (03) 8669 1303.